Radiator covers for different rooms

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Radiator Covers For Different Rooms

Whilst radiators are necessary for keeping us and our homes warm in the colder months, they can be unsightly and ruin a room’s aesthetic. If this is the case for you and your radiators are clashing with the vibes of your home then there is a solution, queue the radiator cover

Whether you want to hide it and still gain some functionality or just hide it all together behind some curtains, there are plenty of options for what you can do so there’s something for everyone and more importantly, to suit every room. 

Style It.

If you’ve already got a radiator cover and just want to know what to do with your existing one the answer may be as simple as styling it. 

Viewing it as an additional little bit of storage space or small ledge is the way to go here, as the space it creates above the radiator is ideal for displaying bits of decor and precious keepsakes. 

Alternatively, and depending on the time of the year, you can use it to display seasonal decorations. – Opting for this choice allows you to change with the seasons and keep it fresh, from holiday decorations to flowers in the spring or even a fan for the room in summer. 

You can also go one step further, If you’re feeling crafty, and paint the radiator cover the same colour as the wall to help it blend into the room and achieve a bit more of a visual balance.

Feature It. 

Depending on the space and position of the radiator in the room, the solution may be making it a feature. You’ll be able to anchor the setting and draw the eye purposely to it with a mirror or some form of framed art. 

As previously mentioned you also have the option of painting it, however if you’re looking to make a feature of it you’ll want to opt for a colour that isn’t the same as the wall, but also within keeping to the rooms colour scheme. Softer or neutral tones will help keep it neutral, so you won’t have to worry about it overpowering your room, unless you’re wanting it to pop more than a bolder colour will be the choice to make. – We would recommend painting the top white top to create balance and possibly adding white floating shelves above it, if you have the space, to make it aesthetically pleasing by pulling the room together.

Go Old School

Curtains have been used for decades and are often a staple in many rooms and using them to hide radiators, especially if it’s under a window is a classic way to do so. If it’s not under the window then you can still opt for curtains but these would be more of a custom-made fabric cover as this way be used in any room with any radiator whilst adding a touch of cottage-chic vibes. 

Conceal With A Bench

This option only works with small and low radiators. These unsightly radiators often appear in odd places but can be easily concealed with a bench, providing these enough space. A bench not only keeps them from being in plain sight but also creates a cosy seating area

Go Curvy

If the cover starts affecting the functionality of your space and you find yourself bumping against the harsh edges then a custom-made curvy cover may be what you need. The design of a curved radiator cover provides extra depth in the middle and shorter depth towards the edges making it easier to walk past.

In addition this type of radiator cover has a more spacious top, providing extra space to store and display your possessions.

Integrate With Other Furniture

Another great and creative option is to integrate it with other pieces of furniture in the room. Having something like a custom made cupboard or bookshelf that has a radiator cover in the lower section can allow you to conceal the radiator whilst creating functional use for the space above to create a cohesive space. 

Match It With Your Cupboard

For radiators in the kitchen, you can do something similar to the recommendation of integrating your radiator cover with other furniture. In this instance, you’ll want to try to match the radiator cover with the cupboardary. Whether this is using the same wood, finish or colour you’ll be able to ensure the cover doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb and afford the kitchen a uniform look. 

Plus, you can use it for storing spice jars or making a coffee station. If you want to make a bold statement, paint the wall in a contrasting colour.


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