Why coloured radiators are growing in popularity

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Why Coloured Radiators are Growing in Popularity

On our blog today, we’re here to give you a little bit of interior inspiration regarding coloured radiators.

Yes, we have many talents here and interior design with a good-eye is one of them! Prepare yourself for a discussion on colour, style and how your radiator can help transform a room.

We believe that radiators shouldn’t just be a metal thing that you hide behind a sofa.

When you look at our catalogue, you can see that our ranges of radiators are innovatively designed with style as well as efficiency. Due to the fact that every home has a different personality, we provide a wide spectrum of radiators that has the ability to suit your individual taste. The choice is endless!

A common question: How can I make my radiator something ‘that ties the room together’ rather than ‘that old metal thing on the wall’?

Try this – next time you’re looking to buy radiators, why not try something a bit more adventurous? Get rid of ol’ rusty in the corner and invest in a BRIGHT COLOURED RADIATOR to add a fresh change to your room.

Several of our radiators come in an interesting palette of colours – here are just a few options that you could choose from to help brighten the place up.

Bisque Blok Radiator

bisque blok coloured radiator

This aluminium radiator of Italian design is sure to add an interesting splash of colour to your living space. Simple and sophisticated, this unit comes in a vast range of colours to excite and inspire any home decorator.

As you can see in our catalogue, the selection of colours for this model is incredibly diverse, from subtle blues to bolshie reds and crisp greens. Just imagine a bright burst of yellow to greet guests in your living room, or perhaps a calming blue to help you wind down in your bedroom?

A stylish radiator for all looks and moods. Check it out!

Aestus Koloris Single Glass Panel Wall Mounted

aestus koloris coloured radiator

This wall mounted radiator model has a gorgeous, sleek glass panel design in an assortment of vivid colours. From zesty Chili Red to Green Grass, add a bold POP to your home.

Not only are these heaters stylish and slick in aesthetic, but the glass front panel means that it has an incredibly high heat output.

Bisque Archibald Electric Towel Radiator

electric towel radiator

Nothing feels as good as getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a hot towel straight off the radiator…

The Bisque Archibald Electric Towel Radiator offers you a stylish way to keep your towels warm in your bathroom. Coming in a wide range of colours, this quirky clothes hanger design is a fun way to bring colour in your bathroom.

Aeon Abacus

aeon abacus

Now we’re talking! For people who want something fun and artistic in their homes. This stainless-steel abacus inspired radiator is a kaleidoscope of colour and would be a feature in any room, perfect for general fun lovers and children’s nurseries. Can you believe this is a radiator? Looks more like a work of art!

The coloured abacus globes also come in silver and gold designs if you are looking for a different effect.

Now that you’ve seen some of our coloured radiators, and the different incarnations they come in, it’s time to start exploring Designer Radiator Direct – this is only the tip of the ice berg , Their catalogue of radiators is filled with interesting, stylish units that could help transform your home. Happy exploring!


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