Understanding lighting to add a flourish of splendour to your home décor

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Understanding Lighting to Add a Flourish of Splendour to Your Home Décor

Imagine you woke up one day and there was no light. As you start at your window, you painfully rue the fact that the spectacular panorama facing the sea is lost on you. Now come back to the present and look at your home décor; not once but several times.

Most likely you have noticed things you never thought existed. For example, that recessed corner seems too dark and the cabinets look just plain. In fact, the whole room now looks dull to you. There is one reason for this; you have denied your home décor lighting it rightfully desires.

Appreciating Home Lighting

While you might have the most innovative interior design on the planet, lack of lighting hinders this style from expressing itself. As such, it still remains an ordinary décor design to visitor’s eyes. Luckily, you can change this by playing with lighting. The first step is of course learning what lighting for home décor is all about.

There are four basic types of lights that can be utilized to give your home décor some edge:

  • Task lighting: This lays spotlight your working area be it in the kitchen or the living room. In most cases it is bright to aid in your vision and ensure you work comfortably.
  • Ambient lighting: This soft light focuses on areas that are not highlighted. It gives some balance to the whole room through even lighting.
  • Accent lighting: This light highlights the focal points of your home’s architecture including paintings. It helps add some drama to décor lighting and you can exploit it to get a spectacular interior without much effort.
  • Decorative lighting: You have seen chandeliers hanging from big hotel lobbies and marvelled at their splendour. You can get a similar effect in your home using stylish lamps that tickle your fancy.

Tips on Getting the Idyllic Lighting Décor

Now that you appreciate which lights to use, why not take a look at some tips from gurus in the industry? This is your space and as such be bold enough to play with lighting to get a unique finish that communicates your personality. Here are some ideas:

  • Your needs come first: Frankly, every home owner would like their entryway to look like the entrance to the MGM LA, but first consider what you want to achieve with your lighting. For instance, ask yourself, are you after functionality or design?
  • Electric costs: If you live in the Lone Star State compare electric rates before lighting up your home. This will help you get the most competitive rates on electricity. You can switch to a service offering competitive rates in order to make your home décor sustainable.
  • Capitalize on sunlight: Natural light can never be replaced in terms of beauty in any room. If there is a chance of incorporating some sunlight into your décor, go for it either by having large windows or colors that will be amplified by this lighting.
  • Have fun while at it: If you take time to research and learn about different lighting options, you will definitely end up making the best decisions. Avoid restricting yourself and as such be flexible and bold to get an impressive décor for your abode.

Listening to expert advice is crucial because they have sampled hundreds of styles. Try borrowing ideas from them, but make sure you customize these to fit your lifestyle.

Now, look around your home again, can you see the limitless opportunities in lighting in front of you? Most likely, you do.


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