Top 8 benefits of using led lights

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Top 8 benefits of using LED lights

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have been a very popular topic lately and it shouldn’t be a surprise – as of now they are the peak of lighting options, both from longevity and power-saving perspectives. What’s so great about them? Here are some of their most important advantages.


 A typical, traditional incandescent bulb can shine for 1,500 hours, while LED light bulbs can easily reach lifespans of up to 60,000 hours. This means that a quality LED bulb can be used constantly for over 7 years before it must be replaced. In general, LED light bulbs can last ten times longer than fluorescent bulbs and up to 133 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Such a long lifespan means that LEDs have very low maintenance costs.


LED bulbs are able to convert up to 90% of consumed energy into light – this makes them about 65-75% more efficient than traditional lights. Therefore, after replacing your light sources with LEDs your electricity bills will be significantly lower.


In terms of safety, LEDs are also far more superior – they generate almost no heat (3.4 btu’s/hour compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs), staying cool to the touch even after many hours of staying turned on. Thanks to this they can be safely used around small children, as there’s no risk of getting burned or bulb’s popping from excess heat.


LEDs don’t utilize filaments or neon gases – instead they’re based on semiconductor materials. They are, simply put, tiny chips set up on epoxy plant enclosures. This gives them far more sturdiness than traditional bulbs or neon tubes.

Environment friendliness

In contrast to neon lighting, which utilizes mercury, every LED is made from completely non-toxic materials, safe for people and the environment. Moreover, LEDs are fully recyclable, which makes them “green” and earth-friendly. All this in conjunction with low energy consumption makes them the best option for any planet-conscious individual.

Colourful options

LED based lights are available in many colour options, starting from white, through red, green and blue to any combinations of those three. LED technology enables you to change its colouring on the fly – all you need is a remote and compatible bulbs. Thanks to this, LEDs are great for any mood lighting and their applications are almost limitless.

High-quality lighting

LED generated light is bright and precise, enabling the observer to catch any detail of the illuminated object. This also means that LEDs are great for studies and working areas – their light has low contrast and no excess brightness, so it’s not very tiring for our eyes. Another great thing about LED’s light is high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) – it closely resembles natural daylight, making all the illuminated objects retain their original colours.


Thanks to their small sizes, LEDs can be applied practically anywhere – they can be used separately (as small device lights), combined into bulbs or strung together into flexible LED strips. This makes them far more versatile than traditional lighting, allowing them to be used anywhere you can think of.

LEDs – a superior lighting solution

Energy efficient, sturdy and long-lived LEDs are the best that the lighting industry can offer. Replacing traditional lights with LED based ones is the easiest way to lower electricity bills, make your home environment friendly or set up glorious mood lighting. So if you’re looking for all around great lighting options, LEDs are just the thing for you.


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