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LED Home Lighting Solutions

Ever since their introduction in the global lighting market, LED lights have come a long way. Today, these lights are seen to be replacing virtually all other lighting technologies due to their energy efficiency, cost competitiveness, durability and reliability.

While they are equally good for all types of indoor and outdoor areas, residential lighting is undoubtedly one of the most developed and proven application of outdoor LED lighting technology. It offers products which cover almost all the lighting need of the houses, be it the bedroom lighting, kitchen lighting, living room lighting or the bathroom lighting.

LED Bedroom Lighting

An effective bedroom lighting consists of two basic components. Ambient lighting and task lighting.

The first and foremost requirement of every bedroom is the ambient lighting. For bedrooms with large windows, this requirement is fulfilled by the sunlight, at least during the daytime. But still, the need for a good artificial source of ambient lighting remains. LED globes and down lights make a perfect source of background illumination in the bedrooms. Not only are these lights energy and cost efficient, but the variety in sizes, shapes and colors make them even more attractive.

Task lighting is also essential since the use of ambient lighting for all the tasks is neither required nor advisable. For example, when reading a book, LED spotlight, perfectly focused over the text is an excellent choice and there remains absolutely no need for lighting up the whole bedroom by turning on the background lights.

LED Kitchen Lighting

Good kitchen lighting is essentially a mix of wall lighting, task lighting and pendant lighting.

Installing wall lighting fixtures, complemented by LED lamps, is the most useful way of providing sufficient ambient lighting in the kitchens. The reason why ceiling lighting is not recommended here is because often, ceiling light generates shadows which give a very unpleasant look to the compact areas like kitchens.

Additionally, there is no second opinion about the fact that the kitchen tasks like cutting, cooking, dishwashing etc. require efficient task lighting. The best solution in this regard is LED reflector lamps which eliminate any possibility of glare production, while at the same time providing brilliant, directional light for kitchen tasks.

Pendant lighting is advised for kitchens which have an eat-in facility inside. Experts recommend installing LED pendant light over the dining tables for providing sufficient illumination during the meals. LED pendant lights are available in a verity of designs, colours and sizes. Most often you get the flexibility of adjusting the pendant height as well.

LED Living Room Lighting

Three major lighting needs of living rooms are: Ceiling lighting, spotlighting and shelf lighting.

The ceiling lighting requirements can be well-fulfilled by the LED tubes, down lights or globe lights. The exact choice depends on the space requirements and preferences of the residents, but all three lighting types offer un-paralleled benefits when compared with conventional lighting technologies.

The spotlighting is beneficial in the living rooms which have been decorated with art pieces and paintings. Especially when highlighted by LED spotlights, the aesthetic appeal of these objects increase several folds.

Furthermore, most living rooms have shelves and cupboards which, if properly illuminated, can considerably enhance the whole atmosphere of the living room. LED recessed lights provide the best and most efficient solution for such situations because these lights do not radiate heat and so will not make the inside surfaces, hot.

LED Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms usually have two types of lighting requirements. First, the wall/ceiling lights and second, mirror lights.

Wall and ceiling lights, either individually or as a combination, are needed to provide a source of uniform background lighting. In either of these fixtures, advanced LED lamps which are capable of providing glare free and warm light, can be used. For best results, experts recommend using these lamps with dimmers to enjoy full control over the level of lighting in your bathroom.

On the other hand, the mirror lighting is also an un-ignorable element, as we all need a well-focused, bright light while shaving or applying makeup etc. The unique, directional quality of LED lights make them the best choice for such sensitive tasks. Besides, these lights do not produce glare which is a major drawback of conventional lighting technologies.

In short, advanced LED lighting technology provides the most impeccable lighting solutions for your home. So when are you giving your home, an LED makeover?


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