How to choose decorative lighting for your living room

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How To Choose Decorative Lighting For Your Living Room

The living room (or lounge) is often the room of the home in which we spend the most time. It is a space where we relax, host friends, and catch up with family. So of course, it’s only natural that we want our living rooms to be well-lit and ambient with the most stylish decorative lighting. Decorative lighting doesn’t only look good and provide light, it also provides a certain warmth to your living room.

Table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall lights… the list of decorative lighting options is long and varied. Decorative lighting can even offer different lighting effects and characteristics for your room, making it an ideal way to enhance your living space.

Pendant Lamps

Larger rooms with tall ceilings and more open space are sometimes best decorated with a pendant lamp or hanging lamp. Choosing one with that has a unique design means that it can act as a statement piece in your room, the accent of the room.

The size should not be too big, however, so that it looks out of place or overbearing in the space. And the installation also needs to be carefully considered because you don’t want it to fall too high or too low from the ceiling. Too high means that the light won’t illuminate the room equally and too long can lead to it becoming a disturbance. Hanging lamps that are too low can interfere with comfort.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are efficient at improving the overall lighting of the room and enhancing the atmosphere. They’re good illuminators and are simple and effective way to upgrade the décor of any room. They can change the feel of your room to comfortable and soothing.

Positioning plays a big part in table lamps and the aesthetic they can add to your room. You want something practical that will light up the space evenly and efficiently but you also want it to look good during the day when it’s not switched on.

Wall Lighting

Wall lighting has a more unique offering to a living room: lighting up the details of accessories. They make the perfect spotlights for hanging paintings or family photographs. Highlighting the things you want to be more focused on can be done by using wall lamps. It adds personality and character to a room in the house that is one of, if not the primary, main attraction when friends or family members come over to visit or when guests are brought into the house.

As they act as such great spotlights, that means they’re also ideal for certain activities such as reading. This means you can do activities at night with much more ease and comfort.

Adjustable wall brackets are ideal because you can move it to be convenient wherever you decide to hang your wall decoration or sit down to read.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps help brighten up your space and can make living rooms look more dimensional. One of the best things about floor lamps is that you can find many different designs, including ones perfect for corners so that no part of your living space is left in the dark. With so many designs available, that also means there’s one that fits the theme or style of your living room perfectly.


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