Top tips on improving your homes interior design

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Top Tips On Improving Your Homes Interior Design

If you take a look at your home and just think that you need to make some massive changes to the interior design, then you’ve got a bit to do. But you don’t need to have a degree or watch hours of home improvement shows to get started on improving your home. There are a few tips you can focus on in order to improve your home’s interior design, and this article is going to share a few of them for you!

Start With A Plan

So you want to make a change, good! As you will soon see, changing the interior design of your home isn’t going to be a massive problem, but first you need to get specific. Write down what you like about your current home interior design, even if it is nothing. If you do like something, such as the color of the walls or your Islamic wall art that you have positioned perfectly in the center of the back wall, write it down so you can figure out how best to expand upon it. 

Having a plan will prevent you from simply tearing your interior design down and rebuilding it back up, which can take a long time and might leave you with something that you don’t want. Write down what you like, what you dislike, and what you really want to change about your interior design, and you’ll go far.

Try Things Out

While professional designers can look at a room and instantly know what style works with what, you might need to try things out. A good rule to follow is 70-30, where you might make 70% of the room have a cozy style, while 30% embraces a more rustic style in the decor. As you start mixing and matching, you might not be able to see everything working together as intended, but you will at least be able to find something that works.

Maybe certain colors, textures, materials, or positions of furniture work really well together. Keep making notes of everything you learn and eventually you will figure out what you want to have your interior design look like.

You can even ask for samples and talk to professionals about different color palettes to see what works together and what you should avoid before you start committing to an overall design.

Keep Comfort In Mind

Whether you are redesigning a kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom, remember that you need to have both form and function. For as pretty as you want each room to look, you also need to remember that you are going to use that room and spend a lot of time in there. So make sure that your interior design has comfort and usability in mind.

It Doesn’t All Need To Be High End

While you might think you need to go all out with big and bold furniture items and design choices, a lot of amazing interior design stuff can be found at flea markets, thrift stores, and your standard furniture stores. You can mix and match high end furniture and decorations with low end furniture and decoration, and you will find that the end result is beautiful interior design that doesn’t mess with your bank account.

Build Around Your Space

While you can use some interior design tricks to make your space look bigger, you are still limited to the space that you have. So you don’t want to get furniture that is too large for the area that you are in, and you also don’t want to fill up half the room with decorations that have no usability. 

Building around the size of the room you are designing is a great idea, because one of the key tenants of interior design is the balance of space. If you can find that perfect middle ground between your space and the items within it, you will have a massive advantage as you get started with your design.

Allow Your Design To Change

Finally, as you allow your new space that you’ve designed to become your old space, don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit later on. Interior design is never truly complete and you might decide that you want to update it again. Don’t be afraid of that feeling because you will always keep on tweaking, making changes, and overhauling your design work. 

Instead, be excited that you can make those changes and that your interior will never be 100% perfect! And if you love the design process, that might just be a good thing!


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