Innovative ideas of using different glass types for interior design

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Innovative ideas of using different glass types for interior design

A common hurdle most people face when designing their homes is to avoid falling into a repetitive rut. Glass can single handedly revolutionise the aesthetic of your house, but too much of it may look dull and monotonous.

That being said, this need not be the case if you know how to switch between different types of glass keeping your interior fresh and lively. However, balancing that many contrasting applications of glass can be quite difficult. Over the course of this blog, we’ll be sharing some of these applications which work harmoniously with each other.

Patterned glass wall separator

Separators are quite commonly seen in hotel rooms, bars, restaurants, offices, and banks. And while wooden wall separators are just as charming, they don’t fit in with contemporary setups. Glass wall separators act as the perfect divider between parts of your room, as they effectively fill gaps in design while allowing you to customise your level of privacy.

Furthermore, you can engrave any type of pattern on a glass to match its surroundings, as glass has a much more palatable agreement with colour schemes than any other material. Finally, the transparency, or in some cases translucency, of the glass does not take away any amount of spatial ambience whereas wooden wall separators may in some instances cloud your space.

Laminated glass stairs

Nothing boasts elegance and sophistication like a glass staircase does. However, this also calls into question the structural integrity of the glass. Throughout our life, we have seen glass shatter around us; hence, it leads our minds to believe all glass is fragile. Allow us to put your mind at ease. Laminated glass is made up of many layers of tempered glass joint together with a Polyvinyl Butyral layer.

This technology renders the glass much stronger than wood. Laminated glass or shatterproof safety window glass holds its own against extreme stress and high temperatures quite easily. Robust, secure, and fashionable. It makes sense why laminated glass stairs are so popular in modern setups.

Silk-screen glass railings

Have a balcony? Need to utilize your deck? Silk-screen glass is an excellent option in both of these scenarios. The two places we just mentioned are quite bleak and simplistic in nature. Going overboard on colorful décor and expensive furniture will not work here. Instead, we need to embrace the minimalistic ambience and tailor our style according to it.

Glass is the best material whenever you’re going for a clean, simple, and spacious approach. However, both balconies and deck experience steady exposure to the outside environment. Which is why normal glass can easily fade, crack, or worse. Silk-screen glass, on the other hand, has been engineered specifically for this purpose.

The ceramic ink printed on it enhances the durability of the glass along with making it scratch-proof, heat-resistant, and anti-glare. It also gives the glass a charming finish, which can complete your balcony railing or your deck without the need for much else.

Wall mounted shelves made of annealed glass

Annealing glass is a process of slowly cooling hot glass to relieve internal stress which may have been ingrained during its manufacture. This process is essential to the integrity and durability of the glass. If not properly annealed, the glass may crack and give way to relatively small amounts of force or temperature changes. However, if done successfully, annealed glass shelves are the pinnacle of showcasing decorative items.

Annealed glass is really easy to mount onto walls without any visible support and can easily handle heavy loads. So, don’t be afraid to rock your flower vases and other decorations throughout your room.

Annealed glass shelves almost have a magical feel to them as their elegant and transparent character brings out the best in whichever decoration you choose to place on them. These wall shelves work best in corners or near entrances.

Tempered glass shower enclosures

One detail you may have noticed in every expensive hotel is their fancy shower enclosures. Despite their lavish undertone, tempered glass isn’t as expensive as you think. Install curved shower enclosures in your bathroom and instantly increase its visual appeal. 

Coloured Plexiglass windows

This option is only recommended for adept artists who have a good idea about their theme. Generally, coloured plexiglass windows can be seen in intricately detailed interior designs done by professionals as the exact colour scheme and patterns can be extremely hard to get right. However, this style can be very rewarding, as it has the capability to create an immense variety of stunning projects overflowing with life, authenticity, and character.

Warp Up! 

We hope this blog opened your mind to the vast applications of glass and just how visually appealing a setup incorporating different modes of glass can be. Do not be afraid to experiment a little and find out which of these ideas work for you. Have fun designing!


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