How to add personality to your house

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How to Add Personality to Your House

Of course, houses look like their owners. Have you made sure that your home conveys your personality? The answer is probably no. The reason is that sometimes people buy objects out of necessity and forget to choose pieces that truly represent their tastes.

Do not be afraid to have a unique and fun house! Or sober and elegant. You will achieve all this by choosing the correct decoration and elements, and you will not need a lot of money to do it.

Choose an Aesthetic

Start here if you do not know how to add your touch to your home. That is the first step to giving your home a style that sets it apart from other houses. Are you a minimalist or maximalist? Do you identify with vibrant colours or prefer cold or dark colours? Defining these aspects will serve as a guide for choosing the elements of your home. You can even create your own colour palette, so you will not spend so much time deciding between white or colourful dishes.

You can search Pinterest to see what kind of palettes or decorations are trending. Also, you can see examples of the aesthetics you want to implement in your home. Seeing photos that inspire you will help you make your vision a reality.

Get Unique Doors and Windows 

What you least imagine is that you could transmit your personality through the doors and windows of your home. Your home does not have to have the typical doors and windows of any place. But they could have a particular design that fits with the aesthetics you have chosen for your home.

How about getting a door with a vibrant colour that breaks the monotony? It is possible if you use Value Doors. You can design your door there according to your unique style. So yes, the door of your dreams can be a reality.

It is the same for the windows, you can design them as you wish, as creatively as you want. The best thing is that you will not only get a door or window according to your whim, but it will also be functional and useful for your home.

Build a Space for Your Hobbies

We all have hobbies! What is yours? It may be that you love to read, you are a musician or a painter. You may also be a coffee or woodworking lover. Whatever your hobby is, get it noticed. You can select a corner of your home and put everything related to your hobby in that space.

Make sure it looks stylish and organised. Even if there are many things in your hobby space, you can make it look attractive and pleasant. You can also look for photos of people who have created a space in their home for their hobby and get inspired by those images.

Having a dedicated space for your hobby will also help you stay focused on it, and you can make other people a part of it when they visit your home. It will surely be a good starter for interesting conversations.

Decorate Your Walls 

Did you know that walls can talk? The words are the pictures you hang on them. Choose prints, paintings, or photos of things that you like and that represent your personality. Do you have a favorite painter? Vintage family photos that talk about your ancestry? Paintings you have done yourself? You can use everything to decorate your home and give it a unique touch that differentiates it from the others. When guests enter your room, they will immediately know a part of you.

There are many options for where to get your paintings, prints, or photographs. You can purchase the works of small or local artists, get public domain photographs, hang posters of your favorite movies, or buy paint and a canvas to create your own art painting. You can give life to empty walls using any of these pieces.

Use Family Photos

This tip is related to the previous one. Abstract paintings, original works of art, or landscape photos are great options. But no one but you can have your family photos. With them, you will be able to give your house an original distinctive seal.

To do this, you can, for example, place a gallery of photos of your children showing how they have grown over the years, make a personalised calendar with family photos, or use old black-and-white photos. as a family tree to show your family roots.

Mix Various Styles and Textures

This is a tip that you will love, especially if you love maximalism. Too many pieces of the same style and design can make your decoration become somewhat tired. To avoid the environment being monotonous and predictable, try to use many different textures in each room, whether wood, metal, upholstery or even plants. It is no coincidence that the eclectic style is predominant today. Variety is one of the best condiments in the world of interior design.

Place Unique Pieces

Take advantage of the opportunities that flea markets or antique stores sometimes give you to get a truly special piece. In these places, you can find unique objects, in good condition or that you can restore, and that give a unique vibe to your home. These objects can be decorative items such as antique gramophones, vintage trunks, industrial mirrors, and so on.


A house should be able to be described using the same adjectives that you use for people. You should be able to describe your home as, for example, a warm and familiar house, or as a bright and cheerful dwelling. It is not as important what the house’s personality is as whether it actually has one.

If you have a hard time describing the personality of your home, it is probably because it does not have it. Try using some of these tips to give it a new approach and, in a way, humanise your house.


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