A guide to maximalist decor

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A Guide To Maximalist Decor

Many people find interior design tough. 

It should be about using your imagination to create spaces that reflect your personality and style. After all, you’re the person who’s going to be living in it.

But too often interior design is overcomplicated by ‘experts’ telling you what you should and shouldn’t be doing, as well as people concerning themselves about what others may think of their design choices. 

With maximalist decor, this isn’t the case. 

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to maximalist decor, outlining what it is and how you can use the design trend to transform your own home. 

What Is Maximalist Decor?

Maximalist decor is an interior design style that has soared in popularity in recent years. Characterised by its bold patterns, colours, textures and decorative features, the trend celebrates personality, expressiveness and an excess of belongings.

It’s the complete opposite of minimalism, which places an emphasis on simplicity and a ‘less is more’ approach.   

The style is nothing new. In fact, it can be traced as far back as the Victorian era when maximalist decor was seen as a way to display wealth and status. This was typically done via furniture. For example, chandeliers, hand-carved furniture and ornate objects that are associated with the period are early examples of maximalism in practice. 

As the years progressed, so did the maximalist decor. Another good example of maximalism can be seen in women’s fashion shortly after the end of the Second World War. Women started to wear more floral and patterned garments as a display of celebration that the war was over, and these types of designs remain popular in the maximalist decor we see today.  

What Are The Benefits Of Maximalist Decor

If you’re considering adopting a maximalist interior design style, you’ll want to know all about the various benefits it can bring. 

Luckily for you, the advantages of maximalist decoration are endless and predominantly include the following:

Helps You Express Your Personality

One of the best things about maximalist decor is that your individual style, character and personality can be shown off for all to see. No matter how whacky or quirky it is, eccentricity is encouraged and maximalism can incorporate every kind of colour, pattern and decorative element you may have in mind. This ability to express yourself is more commonplace in maximalist decor than almost any other design trend, so if it’s something you want to embrace with your space this is certainly the way to go.

Creates A Welcoming Space And Atmosphere

Not only can maximalist decor provide visual interest and stimulation, but it’s also often used to display a cosy ambience. Primarily, this is achieved by layering different textures, fabrics and decorative elements amongst one another as well as utilising plush furniture and vibrant colour schemes. 

Shows Off Your Favourite Items

We’ve already mentioned how maximalist decor can help you display your unique personality, but it’s also a great way to showcase your favourite items, art and decorative pieces. These items can become the focal point of a space, helping you reflect your hobbies, passions and experiences in a way other styles simply can’t.  

Is A Flexible Style

Anything goes when it comes to maximalism. There’s no need to stick to any decor rules and you can mix together your favourite styles, eras and influences all in one place. If you’re someone who has multiple stylistic visions and wants complete freedom over how they bring it all together, then this is the ideal style for you.

Maximalist Decor Ideas 

Now you have a comprehensive overview of exactly what maximalist decor is, you’re probably thinking about how you can incorporate the style into your own home.

Due to the unlimited freedom maximalism offers, there’s no right or wrong way to go about it but we’ve put together a list of some great maximalist decor ideas you can try.

Enhance Space With Colour

Vibrant and bright colour schemes are a staple of maximalist decor, and a great way to enhance any space. While all colours are welcome, bear in mind that a colour of a room often sets the mood so it’s important that it has a positive influence on you and others spending time there.    

If in doubt, take a look at your own wardrobe this is normally a good indication of the types of colours that work best for you. And don’t be afraid to be bold. After all, that’s what maximalism is all about.

Embrace Patterns 

You can also bring vibrancy and enjoyment to spaces by embracing patterns. And not just one pattern at that. Including multiple types of patterns is a great way to elevate a space, so don’t be scared to layer stripes, florals and other patterns. 

As well as this, don’t neglect your windows.

Patterned window curtains can make them look more refined and draw the eye- particularly if they’re large-scale and bring a lot of light into your room.     

Mix Old And New Together 

As mentioned earlier, maximalist decor has been around for decades so don’t be afraid to bring a sprinkling of vintage among your contemporary pieces. 

In fact, a few timeless pieces like pottery, dressers and animal print rugs always look fantastic when combined with your modern furnishings. 

Go Big With Wallpaper In Small Spaces

There is a whole host of maximalist wallpaper options available that can give every room a boost. They’re especially good at emboldening smaller spaces, perhaps a downstairs bathroom or cloakroom.

Wallpaper is an excellent way at transforming a room from mediocre to magnificent, while also making sure to still inhibit your character and personality. 

Remember, the only limit with a maximalist style is your imagination so feel free to let it run wild! 

Have Fun With Floral

Floral patterns and prints are another popular maximalist decor technique that you should consider. Not only do they look fantastic, but these patterns can blur the boundaries of a room and create the illusion of more space. This is particularly the case when used on both walls and floors. 

You could also take inspiration from the colours from the wallpaper and select furnishings to match, tying the space together in an elegant yet truly maximalist manner.    

When it comes to maximalist decor it’s important to remember that it’s your preference that ultimately matters. While the trend provides a variety of benefits and there are a plethora of ideas you can draw inspiration from, you should always consider the space limitations and aesthetics of your property. 


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