How to create your perfect cinema room

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How To Create Your Perfect Cinema Room

Cinema rooms have become increasingly popular in recent times, especially over the past year as we’ve been constrained to our homes due to the pandemic. More of us have realised that with the right home cinema setup, we can enjoy incredible movies, TV, and sports events on the big screen and from the comfort of our own homes. Read on to discover how to create your perfect cinema room.

The Popularity of Cinema Rooms

Movie theatres closed their doors for months on end as the UK grappled with the coronavirus pandemic. So, it’s no surprise that cinema rooms have become so in-demand. They allow people to enjoy watching the biggest blockbusters, hottest TV shows, and the latest sports matches without even stepping foot outside. As more people are investing in cinema rooms, new trends are arising to make these entertainment spaces even more appealing.

A cinema room can be made into a smaller version of an actual movie theatre complete with stadium seats, dark lighting and a sizeable screen on the wall. They create that authentic cinema experience that we all know and love. However, another option is to create a more multifunctional space that can be used in various ways. As well as using it to watch movies or TV, cinema rooms can be built to allow people to listen to music, play video games, or follow home workout videos. Cinema rooms can be as adaptable as you need them to be. 

Choose The Right Space For Your Cinema Room 

Knowing how much space you’ll need for your home cinema can be difficult. However, bigger is generally better. A large room with high ceilings can provide a more immersive experience. However, smaller rooms can also work well if the setup is right. Along with paying attention to the size of the screen, you should also consider the acoustics of the space. Not only do you need to ensure that the speakers are powerful enough to generate enough sound to fill the room, but you should also make sure that the room is the right shape to deal with the sound waves.

Block Out The Light

One thing most of us will agree with is that cinema rooms should be as dark as possible. This helps to create a real cinema experience and makes it easier to immerse ourselves in whatever we’re watching. So, we strongly recommend investing in blackout blinds for your home cinema room. 

Motorised versions allow you to create complete darkness at the touch of a button. They can provide optimal viewing conditions within the room whilst still offering an attractive window covering when open. Blackout blinds can also help to keep the sound in the room, letting you control the acoustics. 

Whether you’re looking for blackout blinds in Nottingham, Leeds or Bristol, always make sure that your blinds are perfectly fitted by professionals like Boyd’s Blinds. This will ensure that your blinds prevent any light from seeping into your cinema room when they’re closed. 

Choose A Quality TV or Projector

When it comes to setting up a cinema room in your home, one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is whether to opt for a classic projector or big screen TV. Both come with benefits, so which one you’ll choose will largely depend on your personal preferences and budget.

Home Cinema Projectors

Projectors provide a real cinematic experience. Not only do they allow you to watch films or TV on a 100-inch screen at home, but you won’t need to pay a small fortune for the luxury either. Projectors are quite affordable these days.

However, they do have limitations. The biggest is that the image on the screen can look washed out if the room isn’t dark enough. The quality and contrast can be impacted, affecting your viewing pleasure.  So, if you do have your heart set on a projector, it’s best to think carefully about how you’ll block light out effectively. Consider investing in quality blackout blinds in Newark or Nottingham.

Big-screen TVs

TVs have gained an edge over projectors in recent years, particularly as prices on ultra HD 4K models have tumbled considerably. Performance is also usually far superior to projectors too, offering enhanced image quality. The downside is TVs is that they’ll usually be smaller than projectors. Whilst TVs have gradually grown over the years and can now reach 100 inches, they’re still unable to reproduce the image size achieved with a high-end projector. 

Final Thoughts

A cinema room within your home is a fantastic investment. Not only can it provide you with a great place to watch your favourite movies, TV shows, and sports games, but it may even add value to your property if the setup is up to scratch. Knowing how to create your perfect cinema room can be tough but not impossible.


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