How to create your own home entertainment room

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How to Create Your Own Home Entertainment Room

Space can always seem to be in short supply at home, and it can be extremely easy to get frustrated finding space for your hobbies – let alone time. This is why moving into a larger home can feel so freeing; you are given a blank slate in which to build your ideal life. 

If your new home happens to have a spare room or two in it, you might be planning to create the perfect recreational space in it. This might be a home cinema, a purpose-built board-gaming room, or even a space dedicated to music. Whatever your interests, you might be wondering where to start. Well, wonder no more!

Sound Isolation and Soundproofing

The aesthetic aspects of your eventual space are no doubt important, but they should not be your priority in the early stages of your room planning. Before anything, you should be thinking about sound. Whether you’re building a media room to enjoy films and TV in high definition and utmost peace, or a gaming space in which to get suitably raucous, your first concern should be sound.

Not only might your enjoyment be sullied by the sounds of an active house around you, but your pursuits could well disturb others. As such, soundproofing is a valuable thing to think about, if not entirely possible on a tight budget. Soundproofing can only truly be achieved by building a room inside your room, to ensure vibrations don’t carry; heavy-duty insulation and panels with air gaps behind them are a great way to cut down sound, though, while ‘tuning’ your room to your own specs. With these in, everything will sound so much better!


With the boring stuff out of the way, you can turn your attention to more interesting things, décor being one of them. Home entertainment spaces are unique spaces, and no two could ever look alike; those that design them are self-certified geeks, and these spaces a perfect place to express their interests. 

If you’re an avowed fan of Funko Pops, some record shelves can help you proudly display your collection. As a healthcare worker, you might even be able to use an HMV NHS discount code to expand your collection.

This is only one of many potential directions. In many cases, your hobby can be the lynchpin of your décor. Bookcases chock-full of boardgames are aesthetically pleasing things, as are racks upon racks of DVDs and old VHSes. The sky is the limit.


Lighting is another extremely important thing to think about, but also a very cool one too. If you are planning to host board games or DnD sessions, you’ll be gathering your friends and family around a games table – requiring spot lighting above your table as well as ambient lighting all around. If your space is something of a home cinema, recessed lighting with a remote dimmer switch is essential for creating the vibe. Again, your hobbies and interests come first, then the room.


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