How to create an arcade games room for your house

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How to Create an Arcade Games Room for Your House

Thinking about how to create an arcade room? chances are you know that there are plenty of ways to make the most of your space as a modern gamer. But what about something for the fans of all things retro? Prefer Pacman to Pokemon? Do you yearn to have two buttons, a joystick and a handful of coins? Here’s how to go for the high score.

Assessing The Space

The first thing you’ll want to do is assess the space available to you. Will you be dedicating an entire room or part of one? Once you know the amount of space available to you, you’ll want to priotise and organise what you will want to include in it. You’ll also want to ensure that the space has plenty of electrical sockets and a decent WiFi connection.

Get The Best Cabinets

There’s nowhere else to start than getting your cabinets; it’s the best part of the adventure and you get to decide what type of games you will fill your arcade games room with. You can opt for the classic upright cabinets, cocktail table cabinets or go big with dance machines popularised in the late 90s and early 00s when they arrived from Japan. 

Be sure to do your research to find out the following things when acquiring games cabinets:

  • Will it fit into your space?
  • Is it still in working condition?
  • Is the power cable compatible for the UK?
  • Do you have enough sockets for the number of cabinets you want?
  • Will you need actual coins to operate it?

Decorate Your Arcade Room

While the lights and sounds of the cabinets themselves will offer plenty of atmosphere, it’s worthwhile thinking about how you’ll decorate to create a space you and your friends or family can enjoy. You can find neon-style signs for your walls, posters from 80s movies and stock a mini-fridge with cans of your favourite, classic beverages. 

Alternatively, if you want to maintain a modern feel to your home, you can keep things light and airy with neutral tones, plenty of natural light and even buy indoor plants to break up the procession of cabinets and add colour. This works nicely as a compromise if you’re taking over a room when sharing your home with a non-gamer. Just make sure you install blinds to bring a little darkness over things when you do want to play, otherwise you might get glare on the cabinet screens.

It might not be a quick or cheap thing to create, but whether you look to sites like ebay or Liberty Games, you can find everything from air hockey tables to multiplay arcade cabinets to help you build the perfect arcade games room.


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