How to bring your home into the 21st century with new technology

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How To Bring Your Home Into The 21st Century With New Technology

Technology is constantly moving forward. These new developments are designed to make our lives easier, yet some people still choose to ignore these improvements.

Whether that is because of a simple misunderstanding or general ignorance remains to be seen; however, there are some must have gadgets that can modernise your home. Some are needed in everyday life, while others will make certain tasks easier. 

Whatever the case may be, all of the gadgets in this list are becoming a requirement for the modern home. This article will look at a few examples of how new technology can bring your home into the 21st century.

Virtual Assistants

The initial idea of a virtual assistant sounds far more impressive than it actually is. Some idealists back in the eighties believed our homes would have fully automated, robot butlers by now. Technology may not have progressed that far, but these home assistants are still the go to gadget for the modern home.

Many companies provide these voice activated systems. You can use these devices to set daily reminders, check the news, find new recipes, listen to music and even control your home. These assistants have developed so much that they can now control the lighting and heating in your home with a simple request. Just hook your device to the internet and the wonders will never cease.

These all-in-one home assistants are becoming the societal norm, and will only become more prevalent as time goes on. Life is still a long way off from robot butlers, so why not jump on board with the virtual assistant trend to modernise your home?

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning the home is the last thing that you want to do on a weekend. While you will still need to come home and make the beds and wash the dishes, the job of hoovering can now be taken up by the autonomous vacuum.

These tiny robots will roam around your home to clear up any dust or dirt that you have left behind. The autonomous vacuum is programmed to avoid large objects, like your sofa, and will return itself to its dock once its job is complete.

What’s more, these gadgets are great at hoovering those hard to reach spots, like under the furniture or the garage. Make sure that your automated vacuum is fully charged and you will find that manual hoovering is a thing of the past.

Arcade Cabinets

Not all home technology has to be a brand new invention. The general public all ran out to get their hands on their favourite vinyl when it was reintroduced a few years ago, and it seems that the gaming world is following suit.

There is a sizeable portion of the population that are now choosing to buy arcade machines for your home, instead of adopting the newest games consoles. Companies like Arcade Depot have brought about these affordable machines, so you can get your hands on all the old favourites like Pacman or the Space Invaders arcade game. This can make your home more exciting to be in, and make your home the place to be for a social gathering.

Fill out a whole room with these cabinets or just buy your favourite. Either way, purchasing an old arcade machine is a great way to bring your home into the future with some retro flavour.

Smart T.V’s

A smart T.V is not yet a necessity in modern times. A lot of people are still able to enjoy terrestrial television just fine at the moment. However, the streaming wars are here, and it looks like it will take a while for one of these services to become dominant.

What are the streaming wars? This dramatic title refers to the sheer number of companies that are trying to adopt their own streaming platform. Disney, Universal and Warner Bros have all created their own digital service to rival the current heavyweight, Netflix, which means that all of the good entertainment is being spit up between these streaming services. You would often need an external plug in device to flick between these platforms, like a dongle or games console. However, newer T.V’s are designed with this function in mind. 

A smart T.V gives you access to all of your streaming services without having to plug in an extra adaptor. This device can save you both power and time in the long run.

Door Bell Cameras

Technology isn’t just dominating the entertainment industry. It is now taking a swing at improving your home security. 

The doorbell camera is a device that you can link up with your smart phone or tablet. You can choose to set this device to notify you if someone rings your doorbell, or if a person walks past the motion sensor. The device will send a live camera feed to your smartphone so that you can see the cause of the disturbance. 

This type of gadget is handy for letting you know if a package arrives without you being there, but it can also give you piece of mind. The safety value of a door bell camera cannot be understated, so why not look into these gadgets if you have concerns about your home security.

Laser Guided Tools

The decision to engage in some DIY of a weekend is often dictated by your ability to use tools. You would love to put up some shelves, but you don’t have the confidence to screw in or measure things up properly. Let’s not forget about the mess it makes.

Fortunately, you no longer need to worry about the pains of DIY. Newer tools come equipped with laser guidance technology. This means that they can automatically measure straight lines, and even make neat cuts that a qualified engineer would envy. 

There are laser guided levelling tools, saws and rotary lasers, all designed to make DIY in the home easier. What’s more, you should still have that automated vacuum around to deal with the mess.

Energy Efficient Power Sources

All of the devices mentioned in this article require some form of power. That shouldn’t be a problem for the modern home, but even the way we obtain our energy is changing. 

The future of global warming is becoming a real concern, and you should act now to combat this issue. Everyone needs to do their bit and the best way you can help is by switching to a more renewable energy source. You may have already seen roofs dotted with solar panels in your neighbourhood, and this is a good start.

However, you can take things further by installing a smart meter to measure you power usage, or by switching to energy efficient light bulbs. There are plenty of ways to make your home energy efficient, and this is definitely the best way to bring your home into the 21st century. What’s more, you can help to ensure a bright 22nd century by following the guidelines on becoming eco-friendly.


It seems that technology is not going to slow down, so make sure that you stay up to date on all the newest innovations. These changes will help to make your home more modern, but will also future-proof your home against any further changes. So get on board with new technology now to prevent your future self from getting left behind.


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