Could apple’s new homepod make a good addition to your home or workplace?

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Could Apple’s new HomePod Make a Good Addition to Your Home or Workplace?

At the end of last month, Apple announced that a 2nd generation of their HomePod would be released in February, which leaves us with plenty of questions about just how good it is. After all, the Smart speaker market is somewhat oversaturated – don’t they all serve the same function and purpose? What makes the HomePod truly distinctive?

Well, according to reviews, it offers unparalleled acoustics compared to other similar products on the market. But for those who enjoy the quirks and innovations of Apple products, they’re all here – Siri intelligence included. 

The main question, however, centres around just how useful the HomePod is for your day to day needs, whether those needs be at home or in the office. After all, you may only have the budget for one, so perhaps it’s a case of choosing whether you want your HomePod to live up to its billing, or to be used in the office?

HomePod or AwayPod?

It’s amazing what technology can do for us around the home, especially when it comes to making it a smart home. As far as managing every day tasks goes, it’s incredible – switching lights on or off before even entering or leaving the room for instance. Want to set the bedroom blinds to open at 7am every day? No problem.

As well as this, temperature controls are possible. Given the extortionate gas and electricity bills these days, this could be hugely beneficial in saving you money rather than using excess heat in the winter. The same goes for cooling a room down in the summer – anything is possible with the HomePod.

This is before we even mention the safety features that come with the HomePod. For instance, the HomePod is able to listen for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, informing you directly via push notification. It’s a feature you hope to never need of course, but having it could be a genuine lifesaver.

Office Pod?

Alternatively, you may be considering a HomePod for the office, and of course its benefits are just as transferable to the office, especially if your workplace operates on a hybrid basis. The line between home and the office is becoming increasingly blurred, and in many ways the HomePod is advantageous in allowing you to keep on top of both areas of life.

First and foremost, the HomePod’s end-to-end communications are always encrypted, meaning that privacy is protected. If you use the HomePod to send and receive messages and emails to prospective clients, then such considerations of privacy are definitely worth considering when weighing up whether or not to make the purchase.

Whether you operate out of one of the many serviced offices in Belfast, or from the dining room table, the HomePod is certainly a nifty bit of kit that can make your day run a lot more smoothly and efficiently. If you can do that with an elevated musical experience from the speakers, then that’s surely even better, right?

You can pick up a HomePod for around £99 too, making it one of the cheapest Apple products available on the market right now. By all accounts, it seems worth the investment. 


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