Why are hot tubs so popular

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Why Are Hot Tubs So Popular

Perhaps it is because our ancestors had to search for water in order to survive, but humanity tends to be drawn to water. Whether it’s taking a holiday at the beach, lounging at the pool, rafting a river, wakeboarding across a lake or throwing coins into a fountain, people are drawn to water. However, there is a difference. Where once the quest was for water to quench thirst, now the goal tends to be more recreational. That may be one reason hot tubs are so popular.


Social Benefits of Hot Tubs

Bodies of water have come to be gathering places for social expression. Even the office water cooler is a center of conversation. Hot tubs are a place to sit with friends, share stories about the day and unwind. There is something about sitting in a hot tub that makes the conversation more fun than when the same group of people sits together at a dining table or on the sofa. There is a social element to water.

Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

One of the more pragmatic reasons hot tubs are popular is because of the benefits they provide to your body. The heat and the jets help to relax tense muscles, especially after a day on the slopes or after any physical exertion that leaves muscles tight and in knots. Additionally, those who suffer with arthritis or joint problems can soak their joints in a more social way than the traditional bathtub offers. The hydrotherapy experience of a hot tub improves circulation and loosens stiff joints and muscles.

Better Sleep

For years, part of the bedtime routine for children worldwide was to be bathed before being put to bed. This was no accident. The warm water has a soothing effect on children and adults alike. Hot tubs add the element of jets for additional relaxation. The results are a better night of sleep after spending a few minutes in the hot tub. Sleep is therapeutic in its own way and is the foundation for good health.

The Perfect Size Hot Tub

For all of the reasons individuals are drawn to bodies of water and all the benefits of sitting in warm water, a hot tub is the perfect size. It is smaller than a pool, so there is less to clean and less water usage, but it is larger than a tub, which allows the relaxation experience to be a shared experience. A yard that is too small for a pool may still be large enough for a hot tub.


There is also the possibility that hot tubs are as popular as they are because they remind people of days gone by. Young people may first encounter a hot tub at the ski resort where they find a thrill in jumping from the hot tub to the snow and back. Hot tubs at other holiday locations may have been the place of a romantic encounter. Perhaps people are drawn to water because water is where so many stories develop.


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