Ways to customise a new build home

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Ways to Customise a New Build Home

When looking for their dream home, people often consider old builds rather than new. This may be because you can do more with an old build in terms of renovation and structural changes, but have you thought about the ways that you can customise a new build? These properties are state of the art, come with modern infrastructure and are a blank canvas from which you can design your spaces exactly how you want them. In this article, we’ll explore the ways in which you can customise new build homes in great locations both before and after you move in.

Choose Your Finishings

New builds are unique in terms of the house buying process because you can usually have input on the finishing touches if the house is still under construction. Fixtures and fittings including carpets, flooring, kitchen cabinets and worktops are just a few things that you often have control over if you’ve already agreed to buy the house before it’s completely built. This gives you a great chance to customise your new home before you even move in and allow you to create a platform from which you can customise further once you do get the keys.

Interior Design

Once you move into your new home, of course, you’ll be able to customise the interior as you wish. Depending on how quickly you’ve moved in after construction you may have to wait a few months for the plaster and other building materials to dry out and settle. However, once this is out of the way you are free to paint and decorate to your heart’s content. You can certainly start to furnish your new house right away and the blank canvas will be a perfect platform from which to work your interior design magic.

Create Your Dream Garden

The outdoor spaces that come with new builds are often fairly basic when you first move in, but this represents an opportunity. You won’t have years of overgrowth or an unkept garden to contend with. Instead, you’ll have a largely bare piece of land from which you can create the garden of your dreams. Do you want a lawn, raised beds, patio space or even a combination of them all? You’re free to customise your garden exactly how you please – so long as it doesn’t break building and planning regulations.

So if you were worried about the lack of customisation options that you might have if you bought a new build, don’t worry because there is plenty that you can do over time. Unlike second-hand houses, you can start to decorate and furnish your home on a blank canvas without having to deal with design choices for the previous residents. Could you see yourself living in a new build?


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