Using velvet fabric in the home

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Using Velvet Fabric in the Home

Velvet is considered one of the most luxurious fabrics anyone could find out there. Because of its prominent use from the royalties dating back from centuries ago, it is considered a status symbol as not everyone can afford it.

Still, due to the innovations brought by globalisation in this era, there have been a lot of discoveries and techniques in making affordable velvet fabrics. Now, everyone gets to enjoy it as it can now be sold at a reasonable price unlike before.


Aesthetics Power of Velvet

Most people are asking why it is preferred by many. Yet, there are just a few reasons why velvet fabrics are chosen by most people; it gives out the aesthetics, and on top of it can have a practical purpose, too. This is why homeowners prefer velvet fabrics because apart from how they look, it also helps out every household.

Due to its aesthetics, velvet fabrics are just perfect for your household essentials. Fabric mills like the Yorkshire Fabric Shop even provide a wide array of velvet fabrics that come in many colours, designs, and patterns so you’ll always have the choice on what velvet fabric to choose.

Additionally, the cloth of velvet fabrics make its colour richer so it can hang through your windows and even cover beautifully your upholstery. The aesthetics brought by velvet is just something one could not resist!

The Durability of Velvet

Velvet fabrics always make it to the list of durable fabrics in the fabric industry. Due to its double weave, it is always thick and rich with fibres that is able to hold up even with heavy use. The firm construction of velvet fabrics makes it durable to be used as drapes or even with upholstery.

It is so strong that it may shrink due to heavy usage, but can naturally go back to its flat and tact state after use. Moreover, velvet fabrics are also very resistant to pilling, which makes it one of the top choices among homeowners than any other fabrics you can find.

The best feature that velvet fabric provides to homeowners is how it maintains temperature inside homes during cold seasons. Velvet fabrics can be considered warm, so it is preferred by homeowners on cold winter days; it blocks out cold air on the inside and traps the warm temperature from going out of the windows. Subsequently, it’s also good for couches as it provides a comfortable thermal feeling to whoever uses a velvet fabric covered couch. Isn’t that a practical buy?

The winter season is coming. Perhaps it’s time to shop for velvet fabrics so you’ll have a comfortable feeling inside your homes during a cold day. Much as the aesthetics brought by velvet fabrics, it also serves as a good investment for homeowners due to its practical use.

How to Buy Velvet Fabrics

When buying velvet fabrics, always visit the right shop that guarantees premium made velvet fabrics. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop is definitely one of the places to go to so you’ll be assured that the fabrics you’re buying are way beyond the standard. Plus, they even offer free fabric samples so you’ll be at ease buying your fabrics from them. Maybe it’s time to start that velvet fabric project you have always looked forward to.


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