Traditional or modern living room: which do you want?

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Traditional or Modern Living Room: Which Do You Want?

It is a lifestyle choice for many to choose between a traditional living room and a modern one. There are some basic differences between the kind of interior decoration and furniture required to achieve a traditional and modern look to the living room.

You may ask why people still demand traditional living rooms when they are clearly living in modern times! The answer is simple: traditional living rooms provide an old world feel that modern furniture and d├ęcor cannot attain. Before going deeper into the discussion, let us first take a quick look at the characteristics of both these kinds of living rooms.


The Traditional Look

Traditional furniture, like it was mentioned above, brings an elegant and classy feel to your living room. Most of the furniture that make up a traditional living room are antique and belong to a bygone era. As a matter of fact, traditional furniture is more durable and has greater longevity than modern ones.

They have already passed the test of time by being there in your room for years. With proper maintenance and the occasional repair, they are good to last quite a number of years. This is where traditional furniture scores over the other player in this debate. Also, you cannot replicate the superior style and designing of traditional furniture or even fittings like a chandelier.

Any guest in your living room will be amazed at your interior decoration. It will also be a clutter-breaker from the kind of living rooms that are more prevalent in this age.

The Modern Look

Modern living rooms are excellent for busy professionals who have little space in their apartment or house and have little time for cleaning and maintenance. Modern furniture is designed to pack in a punch without consuming more space.

They are multitasking woodwork that achieves more by using innovative engineering and technology. Your modern living room will be able to accommodate all your fancy gadgets and accessories without breaking into a sweat over space problems. This multi-purpose feature of modern furniture is the prime asset that furthers its cause in this debate.

Your living room can achieve excellent styling and lighting which is very different from the traditional living rooms. Modern furniture is also quite economical and low fuss. You can buy many of these items online and you need not even walk to the store.

Take Your Pick

Now that you know the essential features of both traditional and modern living rooms, it is choice for you to make. If you choose the traditional look, people coming to your house will be pleasantly surprised and mesmerised by the classic furniture pieces and appreciate the antique beauty that they radiate.

On the other hand, having a modern living room will give you more space to work with and you can have enough to dazzle your guests with some ultramodern furniture set-pieces. Some of these features overlap as well.

The Middle Path

It is wiser idea, in fact, to walk the middle path. You can have the best of both worlds by innovating on your traditional furniture and opting for modern furniture with a very classy elegant look and feel. That will help you achieve a living room that will satisfy both sides of your senses.

It will also ensure that you are living in a room that does not consume too much of your time in cleaning or maintenance. After all, you must enjoy living in that room and not be bothered always about keeping it in proper shape!


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