The benefits of a flat pack home

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The Benefits of a Flat Pack Home

Flat pack homes are becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the UK. The pre-fabricated homes are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, engineered in a factory and delivered to your plot for final assembly. This process has led some to call flat pack homes “kit homes.” Here are some of the benefits to purchasing a flat pack house rather than a traditional build.


Eco Friendly Benefits of Flat Pack Homes

Timber is one of the primary materials used to create flat pack house frames. It is sustainable, and it also provides a structure for higher quality insulation to be added before the home is assembled. A home that is well insulated will use less energy, thereby saving the owner energy costs and minimizing the carbon footprint that would otherwise be left behind.

Personalised Benefits of Flat Pack Homes

While flat pack houses are, indeed, pre-fabricated, they are not cookie cutter products. Buyers have input about colors, flooring and fixtures as well as the floor plan. Many choose a very open floor plan that maximizes every bit of space, and flat packs make that a viable option. Working with architects and designers, you can have a custom flat pack home built for a fraction of the cost of building a traditional home.

Less Labor

Because the purchase of a flat pack house includes the cost of pre-fabrication labor, the actual labor costs at the site are significantly less. There is no need for framing or insulating on the plot because it is done at the factory. Labor simply needs to follow directions and assemble the ready-made sections. As with any home, your contractor needs to work closely with utility workers to ensure proper plumbing and energy connections.

Financial Benefits of Flat Pack Homes

Because there are fewer labor costs, a flat pack home can be built for 10 to 25% less than a traditional house build. Size, material and floor plan costs may be comparable, but the reduced labor costs provide significant savings.

Less Time Consuming

Because so much of the work is done at the factory, the time spent on the build site is much less than necessary for a traditional build. It is a timeline of weeks rather than months. Additionally, the main production time in the factory will not be hampered by inclement weather as production occurs indoors.

Simple Assembly

The tongue and groove pieces of already constructed sections provide clear direction and enable those at the site to assemble the home easily, much like putting together a model airplane or laying laminate flooring.

Better Insulation

Engineered sections of a flat pack home can be highly insulated in the factory to provide better insulation after assembly. These levels of insulation save energy costs and make the homes more eco-friendly than most traditional builds.

Flat pack homes are not the same as a mobile home or trailer home because they are not transported after being assembled. Flat pack homes, therefore, do not face the same travel damage risks as mobile homes.


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