Summer time ideas for your home and garden

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Summer Time Ideas For Your Home And Garden

There comes a point when you realise it’s time to renovate your house and garden before the summer comes. Freshly painted house and a pretty lawn will only make you enjoy the summer to the fullest. If you don’t know where to begin, keep on reading.

Things to do in the Garden

Taking care of your garden can become your favourite leisure activity. Choosing flower seeds and buying new seedlings can be exciting.


Gardening is a great relaxing exercise. You can start with removing the weed and debris. Think of what you want to grow in your garden. Do you want to get some tomatoes or basil? Go to the farmers’ market and get some seedlings. Prepare the soil in your garden! You can add some manure to improve its fertility. Watch closely after your seedlings, don’t forget to protect and water them.

Watch out for snails.

Snails will soon wake up and damage your young seedlings. Snail baits will help you in preventing snail attacks.

Build a swimming pool.

If you have children or simply enjoy inviting your friends over for a BBQ, consider installing your own swimming pool. There are plenty of options on the market for people who wish to manually build a pool.

Do the research before you decide to buy anything. If you are not up for building, there are also great ready-made pools you can buy and easily install. Nothing is better on a hot summer day.

Upgrade your House

Your house needs some updating as well. After a while the painting on your windows and the house can get old, thus making your house look unattractive. Winter does a lot of damage as well. Use these life refreshing suggestions to update your house:

Repaint your Windows and Change the Window Blinds.

The small inexpensive measure of repainting your windows and changing blinds will make your house look tidy and pretty. It’s simple, cost effective and creates a huge impact.

Go through your Attic Room.

It’s about the time you get rid of all the old rusty stuff that only collects dust in your storage area. There is no need to throw away your old chandeliers, dining room sets, chairs, children’s clothes and toys.

Donate these items to charities. For example, people from Habitat for Humanity reuse old furniture and accessories. They will redecorate your old stuff and donate the profit to underprivileged people. If you are a real creative DIY person yourself, you can reinvent those oldies with some new paint and design.

Stay Environmental Friendly

When you decide to go shopping for household appliances try choosing eco-friendliest materials and equipment. Replace your old light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives.

If you’re ready to buy a new dishwasher or a washing machine pick one that is friendly to the environment. It is important to stay environmentally friendly and give back to your community.

Clean your AC

Your AC filters need to be cleaned every year before the summer season starts. You can either call a professional or try cleaning the filters on your own.

Visit a Local Flea Market or an Antique Shop

You can go treasure hunting to a local flea market. If you’re looking for some new accessories for your house, these are the best places to go. You can find unique vintage things that will add some additional charm to your home.


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