Simple home decor ideas that make for great interiors

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Simple Home Decor Ideas That Make For Great Interiors

When moving into a new house or renovating an old one, most people agonise over a thousand and one things that all of a sudden seem to assume critical importance in lending the home interiors a look that is pleasant, inviting yet one that bears their distinctive personality stamp.

Here are a few ideas that initially may not seem revolutionary but are easy enough for most people to understand and execute without expensive professional assistance.

Selecting the Colour Scheme

This is one of the most fundamental choices that people need to make very early in the interior décor process. However, it can be easily very frustrating, as you need to pick a colour that the family is comfortable with and at the same time complements your existing home furnishings. In fact, rather than making this the first step, try going through the rest of the process and choose the colour scheme at the end.

Do not Overcrowd the Room

The secret to gracious living is being able to negotiate your way without bumping into the furniture. It is usually a far better idea to devote your budget to a few classy and better-built items of furniture than stuffing the room with lots of items all fighting with each other for attention.

Hang pictures at the correct height; which means that the centre of the piece should ideally be around five feet above the floor. Choose floor covering with care as these should neither appear insignificant nor dominate the furniture.

Create Focal Points of Attention

Make sure every room has a star attraction that anchors the rest of the items. Resist the temptation to include too many items that vie with each other for attention as this creates confusion. Use lighting to create drama and highlight items of special interest.

Pay heed to Proportion

Throughout the entire interior décor scheme, you need to keep on reminding yourself never to lose track of proportion. Items that look superb in a store may simply be too large or too small to perform the task it is supposed to be doing. Varying the scale is a good way of keeping the balance of the décor in place.

Dress up your Windows

One of the most significant ways of creating the right ambiance inside homes is by the way of window treatments. Apart from the more practical reasons of light moderation or privacy, window treatments can come in very handy for dividing or unifying spaces.

It is possible to enhance the features of a home or create illusions by properly placing window coverings. You can very easily add colour, interest, depth and height to a room with an appropriate selection of a drape or blinds.

Consider Venetian Blinds

One of the most versatile window treatment devices, venetian blinds, is extremely easy and convenient to operate. A control mechanism makes it possible to adjust the blind position as per your desire of controlling the amount and direction of light ingress.

This makes it possible for you to control the glare for watching TV or simply to relax in. The natural way of climate control also results in significant energy conservation while a variety of finishes makes it possible to design the room aesthetics in a remarkable way.

Venetian Blinds can help you discover an amazing world of venetian blinds available in a variety of finishes such as aluminium, wood-effect, perforated, metallic, hammered and textured. It is possible to choose from a number of stains and slat widths when selecting wood-blinds making the appearance completely distinctive.

The online ordering process of the British-manufactured blinds in custom sizes online is very easy and the products being shipped and delivered in just a few days. The prices provide good value for money and quite are competitive; thus allowing you to purchase bespoke products at the cost of ready-made ones.


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