How to use leather paint and shoe dye at home

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How to Use Leather Paint and Shoe Dye at Home

Leather is a beautiful material for furniture and accessories. Leather paint is a great way to recolour or add some fun designs to your favourite leather. With so many different paints, you can experiment until finding just what works for you.

While there are many ways to paint it if you want an intense colour that will look great in any room of your house or office or leather clothing items, this article can help.

Let’s take a look at the top three steps to take when painting leather.

Step 1: Cleaning 

Using a product such as Angelus Paint Preparer & Deglazer is the first step as it is specifically designed for thorough cleaning new or used leather.

Removing mud, grease and other dirt prevents the paint from cracking or chipping to ensure your leather lasts as long as possible. 

It’s important to take the time to do this step because being well prepared is already halfway there. Being careful beforehand will save you a lot of headaches later on when things go wrong with just one mistake at a time during use.

The product will remove paint and surface layers, ones that have not penetrated the leather. Important: only use this on your leather and not on rubber, plastic, or other materials.

If you wish to colour products in other materials, such as side edges or rubber soles, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned with water before applying any type of dye/paint, etc.

Step 2: Paint

When you’re painting, the more patience and care put into your work translates into a better final product. You should always mix some paint before starting so that there are no surprises when applying to surfaces.

The first thing worth trying is to try it in an inconspicuous place just to make sure everything goes according to plan and not to waste any time fixing mistakes you’ve made before.

Step 3: Retouching and protecting

Have you applied the last coat of paint and feel satisfied with your result after drying for 24 hours? In that case, we recommend using a finisher. This keeps materials looking good for longer because they add an extra water-repellent surface that protects against wind and weather better than just reapplying leather paint.

How to Dye Your Shoes

Rather than painting your leather shoes, you’d be much better off using shoe dye instead. 

After you have mixed the paint and have applied it, you put them in a good spot to dry for two hours. Sometimes, you’ll want to check their progress, so just lift the shoes and check them out every now and then. Occasionally drain off excess dye.

After they’re done, take an old towel and wipe the shoes to give them the finishing touch.


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