How to make your new house cosier

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How To Make Your New House Cosier

Buying a new house is exciting, especially when it comes to decorating it and making it your own. However, it can take time for you to feel really at home there, especially if it isn’t looking the way you like right away.

Moving into a new house can be particularly hard, especially if where you moved from was your haven. Making it cosy is the first step to feeling comfortable, so here are some easy ways to bring in the snug factor.

Fill the house with music

Feed the soul with music that makes you feel good. There’s nothing more comforting or consoling than switching on the turntable, listening to your favourite tunes and losing yourself to the happy memories that they provoke. 

Music never sounds better than on a turntable. Unlike digital records that compress the data, vinyl’s boast a richness of sound that will fill your house perfectly. 

Make it smell nice

Every house has its smell and without realising it, we all associate certain scents with our home. It influences our minds and bodies in different ways, providing a soothing ambience in which you can relax and recharge. 

Not only will nice scents improve your mood, but it will also have knock-on effects on your household relationships, building them stronger and creating a calming atmosphere for you all to enjoy. You want to feel good at home, so opt for mood-boosting scents that are fresh and lively rather than heavy scents that are overpowering. 

Install a stove or fireplace

Is there honestly anything cosier than a glowing stove or fireplace during the wintertime? Not only will it create a central point for the whole household to congregate around, it also brings lots of personality to a room and provides a great number of opportunities to decorate and make the room look really cosy.

Play around with different design ideas, like stone veneer for a texture-rich, rustic appearance, transform the area into an entertainment centre with a flatscreen TV or make it more discreet with a wood-burning stove. Whatever look you go for, creating a warm centrepiece in your home is a guaranteed way to bring out that fuzzy, snuggly vibe. 

Bring in some leafy greens

If you feel like something’s missing in a room, there’s a plant our there that will fill the void perfectly. Coming in all shapes, sizes and refreshing shades of green, plants breathe new life into any space and bring an aura of tranquillity. 

They positively thrive in kitchens and bathrooms where there’s lots of moisture. And don’t be afraid to splash out on some colourful vases too. They’re all part of the magic!


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