Getting your home ready for a festive christmas party

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Getting Your Home Ready For A Festive Christmas Party

With the holiday season finally upon us, it’s the perfect time to start hosting memorable Christmas parties to celebrate the year with your friends and family. Whether you’re planning for 10 or 40 people, here is how you can get your home ready for an unforgettable Christmas party.


It might seem a bit early to start planning any Christmas festivities in November but the key to a great Christmas do is the details. With presents to buy and guests to invite, planning ahead will keep you on track for the big day – after all, there are only seven Saturdays until Christmas when November starts! 

First things first, you need to decide on a date and time that suits you, before compiling a guest list. Many of us are looking for ways to save money over Christmas, so coming up with a budget that covers decorations and any nibbles you want to provide will help prevent you from overspending. 


When organising a Christmas party, decorations are essential to setting the festive mood. Think garlands, mistletoe, that all-important Christmas tree and more. Nothing will fill your guests up with Yuletide cheer than enjoying some mulled wine in a home fully decked out for the season. 

While some decorations are seasonal, throwing a party can give you the perfect excuse to invest in all-year-round pieces. Floor and table lamps create a warm and inviting environment that will have your visitors wishing your home was theirs. Don’t forget the power of good quality table sets either. 


It goes without saying that you’ll need to create a Christmas playlist with your favourite holiday tunes. Soft background music can set the mood for dinner but intersperse it with those absolute Xmas classics to get your guests up and singing together. 

Everyone has their own preferences but the best Christmas music playlist has variety so there is something that all your guests can enjoy. 

Cosy Seating 

When inviting friends and family into your home, you need to ensure that you have enough comfortable seating for everybody. If you haven’t got much in the way of seating, you can invest in some cushioned pull-out chairs or even beanbags, so everyone has the chance to get comfy and cosy. 

You’ll also want to arrange your seating in a way that encourages conversation and mingling. Laying chairs or moving the sofas around the outline of the room means your guests can see each other and easily talk across the space. 

Food and Drink 

Nothing says Christmas like festive nibbles, so your menu is a crucial part of the party. Plan your dishes and beverages ahead of time so you’re not buying last minute and end up stuck in a long check-out queue. 

Be sure to consider the dietary preferences and restrictions of your guests. Many supermarkets offer vegan, gluten-free or nut-free alternatives. 


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