Enhancing your home with candles

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Enhancing Your Home With Candles

Typically candles are usually used for religious practice or for lighting, but they can be used beyond their original purpose, especially when it comes to using them in your home.  

After all, why would you store away the most beautifully scented candles, carved and shaped in attractive designs, if you can’t use them as a glamorous attraction or for the perfect occasion? If you’re wondering how, then these top tips on how to use candles to improve your home are just for you.

Fill up your centre table with fragrant candles

Coffee tables or central surfaces in your living room are the best spots to arrange small and shaped candles in various patterns. You can use tea candles, colored pillar candles, or bowl-shaped candles made of soy wax or beeswax.

By creating a designated and central space you’ll be able to maximise the light, heat and scent disbursement of the candles as well as emphasising an aesthetic focal point in the room. Naturally within some homes, younger children, especially babies, are present and you may be wondering what candles can be used around babies

For these homes you’ll want to take careful consideration of not only placement but the candles themselves. Opting for child friendly candles and utilising higher surface furniture where the candles can’t be reached.

Decorative candles on the mantelpiece

If you’re lucky enough to have a mantelpiece in your home then taper candles on ornamental metallic stands can grace your room with stunning chic looks. These candles are generally tall, hold a thin wick, and burn slowly to last longer.

Even if you don’t want to light them, their colours and designs can add to the decorative ambience effortlessly. You can also find candle pots, hand-shaped wax clocks, and decorative candles of varied shapes that will work equally well. In addition to the mantelpiece, you can also put them on other surfaces such as window sills to complete the cosy look.

Give a romantic look to your balconies!

Balconies can be a great place for candles. Whether you need a little light in the dark or want a cosy meal, candles are a great thing. You’ll want to be cautious as to the type of candle you use on balconies though. Synthetic wax candles can create vapours that aren’t suitable for plants and humans, natural wax candles however are fine. If you’re wanting to turn your balcony into a romantic hotspot in your home, scented and coloured candles are the best. 

When it comes to placing candles on balconies you have some great options. You can hang them in chandelier candle stands, place them around potted plants, or decorate the window sills.

Floating candles and Great Baths

Did you know small and long-lasting candles can float on water providing they have flat metallic holders. That includes tealight candles in various holders, enhancing your bath time experience from basic to brilliant. You can also take this idea out of the bathroom by creating mini water baths using a bowl and place them in your living rooms, verandas, outside and porches

You can take this premise further by mixing up the type of candles you use, experiment with candles made of beeswax or vegetable wax instead of paraffin ones.

Bedtime Candles

Along with light and decor, candles, especially scented ones can also be used for stress relief and aromatherapy. Whether you’re a high flying businessman or a mother, these tiny but rejuvenating candles can rejuvenate your sleep and are best on your bedside tables.

To get the most benefits use dedicated aromatherapy candles with essential oils, herb essences, and floral extracts to help reduce stress and anxiety. 

If you want to increase the aesthetics, simply pick among mosaic votive candles or jar candles for luxurious upgrades.


Gone are the days where candles are simple wax sticks and blocks used for lighting. The modern market is full of wax candles in different shapes, sizes, and colours to match your room, decor and personality. 

Remember to always use nature-friendly candles around your home to give the house a healthy vibe without sacrificing the glamorous aesthetic. The best part about these simple candle tips is you can swap them and their placement anytime making it a cost effective way of improving your home. 


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