Diy ideas for your home decor

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DIY Ideas For Your Home Decor

Home decoration can be intimidating, costly and time consuming. But sometimes, a lot can be achieved by just being clever and having a bit of imagination. Here are eight simple DIY ideas for a home decor that is surprising, unique and affordable.


Wood Pallets: A Versatile Object

If you can get your hands on some clean, good conditioned wood pallets, the home decor possibilities are just endless. Here are two examples of what you can do with those.

Wood Pallet Coffee Table. Take two wood pallets, in good condition. Clean them up good and polish/varnish/paint them as you wish, then stack them on top of each other. Fix four caster wheels on the bottom. If your want, you can put a glass panel or a plank of polished/varnished wood on top.

Wood Pallet Couch. Take enough wood pallets to create a couch the size/height you want it. Take 6 inches thick foam to create the seats, and have it upholstered in the fabric/color you want. Paint the pallets in the color of your choice, and you get comfy and affordable couch! You can even use the space in the pallets to store magazines, blankets, etc.

Out Of The Ordinary Bookshelves

Ladder Bookshelf. Find an old wooden ladder and take it apart. Take the side that has the thickest rungs and hang it on a wall, horizontally. Stack books in between the rungs. Voilà!

Ladders and Planks Bookshelf. Another great way to create a bookshelf with ladders is to take two identical ladders and place them next to each other against a wall so that they create an “m” shape. Put wood planks across the ladders, on the rungs, creating shelves between the two ladders.

Rope Bookshelf. Take four to six planks of wood. Pierce four holes on every corner of the planks and paint them the colour you want. Pass a thick rope through the holes. Tie a knot under the bottom plank, and fix the other planks using a dowel rod piece. Tie the ropes together at the top, and hang on a wall.

Styling Your Walls

Wine Corks Bulletin Board.  Gather as many wine corks as you can and glue them in a picture frame, making sure they fit well. Hang it on the wall and use it to pin up notes, reminders, etc.

Old Frame Chalk Board.  Find old frames in second hand shops, paint them in a bright color and then paint the glass with chalkboard paint.

Window Shutter To Hold Mail. For a rustic look, find an old wooden window shutter and hang it on the wall close to your entrance door. Use it to sort mail.


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