Designing a kids’ bedroom that can grow with your children

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Designing a Kids’ Bedroom That Can Grow with Your Children

When your children are ready to have their own private retreat at home, it is important that you provide them with a space they can truly call their own. While you might want to come up with a space featuring their favourite cartoon characters or perhaps a floral motif that reflects their jovial nature, consider that these designs are far from timeless. Your kids can outgrow them and eventually lose interest on what you have conceptualised.  When that happens, you have no choice but to carry out a design overhaul that can be both expensive and time consuming.

In order to prevent these things from happening, below are some tips you can follow to decorate a kids’ bedroom that promises playfulness minus the childish overtone.


Coordinating Colour Schemes

One of the proven ways to make a lasting kids’ bedroom design is to pick a two- or three-hues color scheme and stick with it. At the most, you need to choose tones that blend well with each other, can satisfy your kids’ thirst for colors but will not make an environment that would repel you from entering. Reserve the subtle colors for the walls as well as for big pieces, while the brighter ones are better used for smaller accents inside the bedroom.

Choosing the Right Furniture

The biggest chunk of your decorating budget is likely to go to your kids’ furniture. Hence, when choosing the pieces, you would want to opt for items that can grow with your kids. Consider¬†bunk beds for your kids¬†as a versatile and cost-effective investment in their bedroom furniture. Allocating a significant portion of your decorating budget to items that can grow with your children is a smart choice.

Opting for trundles and bunk beds ensures longevity in both style and functionality, accommodating your kids’ changing needs over the years. These are also good investments since they would also provide space for occasional sleepover guests.

Storage pieces are also critical to making your kids’ bedroom functional and they should not be overlooked when designing their room. It would be wise to devote a corner or a part of a wall for a book storage. A chest of drawers would also be a great addition as it can hold other items such as art supplies and other stuff your children frequently use. Nightstands, especially those fitted with drawers are useful as bedside storage that can keep lamps, clocks and other personal items at bay.

When using furniture inside your kids’ bedroom, you can consider mixing different types and sizes, as doing so will lend a sense of identity and ownership to the space.

Use Efficient Lighting

Your kids bedroom should have efficient light sources, especially if it doubles as a study and play area for them. At the most, you should incorporate both ambient and task lighting to allow for better illumination and functionality. Ambient lighting will serve as the general illumination that will fill the entire room with sufficient amount of light. You can opt for a fixture that you can hang at the center of the ceiling. On the other hand, the task lighting can be used to brighten up a specific area. Good examples of which include small lamps that you can place on their bedsides for nighttime reading.

Cover the Floor

You can also make the floor a major design element inside your kids’ bedroom by covering it. For instance, you can place a broadloom near their beds, allowing them to crawl on the floor when they play. You can also opt to divide the floor into wet and dry sides to accommodate different activities. You can consider using linoleum or vinyl tiles that come in sheets for the wet side, where your kids can paint. Then for the dry side, you can add a rug, which will allow your kids to do puzzles and other games.

Utilise Space

If the windows of your kids’ bedroom are not utilised, see if they can accommodate a window seat. This is a great way to make use of every space available inside the room to offer your child a pleasant nook to read and play. You can have the window seat custom built or you can use a big flat trunk and top it off with pillows.

Accessorise Using Your Kids’ Stuff

Your can use your kids’ toys as decorative elements in their bedroom since they are colorful and they come in different sizes. Simply choose pieces that go well with the design scheme of the bedroom and arrange them properly in one of the storage spaces.


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