Accessorising your living room to make it more comfortable and inviting

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Accessorising Your Living Room to Make it More Comfortable and Inviting

Your living room is one of the most integral parts of your home. Aside from the fact that it usually serves as the foundation of the rest of the home’s interior design, this is the place reserved for entertaining guests and an area where you and your family spend most of the time relaxing together. Due to the somewhat “public” role that your living room plays, it is vital that you make it all the more inviting both for your guests and family members.

There are lots of different types and ways of undergoing Home Improvement and while you might be thinking of renovating the whole place to achieve the comfort and inviting feel that you desire, this is not an excellent option to go for simply because it is expensive. However, you can always give your living room a comfortable and inviting flare with mere addition of key decorative pieces, and some of them are outlined below.


Add window treatments

Even your living room’s windows would like to dress up sometimes, so don’t be afraid to add some window treatments. With the right combination of style and fabric, your windows can lend an inviting and comfortable feel to your living space – the kind of place where you, your family and guests would like to spend time in, to relax on the couch, or enjoy a good book.

Accentuate the floor with a rug or carpet

Your should never forget to accessorize your living room’s floor. Simply laying a rug or a carpet that goes with the existing color palette of your living space can go a long way to capture that inviting mood, update a boring room and create a sense of space. This is also a good alternative to expensive tile work and a great way to hide some flaws.

Make a focal wall by hanging artwork, photos or mirror

A stark wall in your living room can come to life and become a focal point in your space by hanging a piece of artwork. When picking a piece for the wall, make sure that it is large, two-dimensional, and visually arresting enough to draw your guests’ eye.

A group of photos will also work as alternative for an artwork. Some of the picture you took in the past will find a home on your living room wall. Take a few of your favorites within a single setting and have them as canvass prints.

If artwork or framed photos aren’t an option, mirrors are ideal wall-mounted accents that can help brighten your space and make it feel more open. Choose a mirror that complements existing colors, lines or textures, or you can pick one that stand out all on its own.

Throw in some pillows

Adding textured cozy pillows, or elegantly mixed and matched cushions in warm color scheme onto your couch or sofa is a great way to add warmth to your living space.

Adorn your table with centerpieces

Displaying objects on your living space’s table is all about maintaining balance. You can pick from a variety of items including candles, ceramic display or vases, but make sure that you position them properly on the table. You can try to accessorize using odd numbers to make a more visual impact, but consider displaying them according to how they are likely to be viewed. As a rule of thumb, do not block any of the object in your composition, if you do then the item doesn’t have to be there.

Make room for greens

A well chosen plant is definitely a great addition to the living room because it changes all on its own, not to mention that it can lend a great and comforting vibe to your living room and can even improve the air quality indoors. When adding a plant to your living space, you can either go bold or subtle depending on your preference. No matter which option you go for, make sure to pick the right plant and place it in a container that ties to your living room’s existing design.

Incorporate lighting fixtures to add drama

Adding light fixtures in your living room is an effective way to add both drama and comfort into the space. Layering is one of the key concepts you can follow when incorporating light fixtures into your living room design. You can combine of track and accent lighting to highlight some areas in the living room. Skylights, on the other hand, can be used to bring daylight to your space.

The key decorative pieces mentioned above are just some of the many things you can add to achieve the comforting and inviting feel that you want for your living room. However, make sure that you plan things accordingly to ensure that you will truly gain the results you are after.


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