8 interior design mood boards inspired by popular netflix shows

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8 Interior Design Mood Boards Inspired By Popular Netflix Shows

Netflix is mostly known for the way it revolutionised streaming, but with the distinctive styling showcased through its original series, many are also taking interior design tips from the brand. 

From rediscovering the 50’s vibes of Ratched to the relaxing Feng Shui of Cobra Kai, if you don’t have a notebook in hand ready to jot down inspiring decor ideas while bingeing, you’re truly missing a beat.

Netflix shows are stuffed with unusual looks, so much so they become instantly recognisable. What more could you want for your own home? 

Express Doors Direct created eight interior design mood boards inspired by some of their favourite Netflix shows, feel free to use them to incorporate the essence of these iconic homes into your own:

Squid Game

Surprising as it is from a show dedicated to a murder game, the minimalistic, almost militaristic chic within the show is incredible. Using sharp lines for metal bed frames and stark steel cabinets gives an ultra-modern feel to a space, eliciting the feeling of functionality and organisation that’s oddly compelling. 

The bold block colours add to the overall aesthetic but the sporadic touches of luxury, such as bed cushions or a rug bring everything together in a truly unique way. 

Stranger Things

This binge-worthy series is the homage to the eighties if ever there was one. This mood board takes inspiration from the Byer household, complementing classic mid-century browns with pops of yellow that are easy to spot throughout the property.

Swap out the festive fairy lights for a charming multi-coloured garland for all-year-round cheerfulness. 


If you hadn’t heard the term ‘Regencycore’ before binge-watching Bridgerton, that’s because it didn’t exist. Yes, the sense of style in this series was so fantastic they made an entirely new word to describe it.

This mood board has a considerable focus on pastels, turning up the Georgian vibes with plenty of luxury and opulent furnishings. If you want to add a bit of Recencycore to your living space, a fainting couch is an absolute must, particularly if you can find a wooden design with grandiose carved legs and pastel fabric. 

Cobra Kai

Whether you own your own dojo or want to add some Japanese style to your bedroom, our Cobra Kai-inspired mood board has everything you need. This type of style calls for softness, and not just through the use of colour. Natural woods, real bonsai and comforting furnishings like a jute rug will elevate your room and mood instantly.

Enjoy inner calm through the power of Feng Shui and don’t forget to practice your wax on, wax off technique!


Unlike the pastel stylings of Bridgerton, our Ratched mood board makes fantastic use of soft curves juxtaposed with fluted furniture legs for a luxurious 1950’s vibe. In addition to sofas and cabinets, the secret behind the theme is the muted vintage accessories and plush velvet fabrics. Opt for a mid-century phone, retro lamps and glass bowls to finish the space off beautifully.

You could even go one step further and invest in a 50’s style TV cabinet, now that really will show commitment.

The Queen’s Gambit

Chintz is the name of the game in the Queen’s Gambit inspired mood board. If you’re looking for a fiercely feminine bedroom, this is for you. Chequered wallpaper, flowery fabrics and a combination of baby pinks and muted greens promise a striking space that only the bravest dare try.

Sweet Tooth

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the post-apocalyptic hellscape of Sweet Tooth. But that doesn’t mean that you have to have twisted decor. In fact, when done right it can feel quite…cosy. 

Think of suede upholstery, tartan blankets and rustic wooden furniture, and complete the look by mixing up the function of everyday household items. Transform camping mugs into plant pots, repurpose old crates and create your own furniture if you fancy a DIY challenge  – let your imagination run wild.

Sex Education

The final Netflix inspired mood board has to be Sex Education. Muted autumnal palettes and bright spaceman colours make for a spectacular vintage mid-century style with a modern twist that all of your guests will want to covet.

Taking inspiration from the Milburn chalet, the secret lies in floral furnishings, wicker furniture and William Morris paper juxtaposed with simplistic artwork to build a Seventies-style aesthetic. Be warned though, this is not the easiest style to reproduce but can work extremely well when done right. 

Whether you use these boards as inspiration for your next redecoration project or plan to start spending more time looking into the background of your favourite Netflix show to get even more ideas, don’t forget the basics that often fall through the cracks. 

Spend some time selecting the right light fittings, skirting boards and internal doors to ensure a seamless design. It’s these finishing touches that often make or break a redecorating project.


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