5 low-cost ways to improve the kerb appeal of your home

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5 Low-Cost Ways To Improve The Kerb Appeal Of Your Home

Selling your home might seem like a doddle if you’ve taken care of the inside, decorating, renovating and keeping up with the latest styles, but what about the outside of your home? Does it have that magical kerb which gets people excited before they even get inside to view it? Does it draw the attention of people passing by who may also spot the ‘for sale’ sign?

Making some basic improvements to the outside of your property could be the difference between getting the price you want for your home and having to accept a lower offer. In this post, we’re going to suggest some simple, low-cost ways to improve the kerb appeal of your home.


Paint your Front Door

One of the first things people are drawn to is your front door. It’s the main entrance to your home and it deserves a little TLC. By painting your door you make your home stand out, showing that you’ve taken care of your door will give people a positive first impression, without them worrying what else you haven’t taken care of if it is scuffed, flaking or damaged.

You can choose a new colour at this point, but stick to a fairly neutral colour unless you are certain that it works with your property style and garden. If you like the colour you already have, simply repaint it to keep it fresh.

Weed your Garden

Maybe the weeds in your front garden don’t bother you, but it’s another one of those tasks which, when taken care of, allows potential buyers and people passing by see that you’re the kind of person who has taken care of their home. The more often you keep on top of the weeding, the fewer lengthy sessions you’ll have to spend doing it.

While you’re at this task, it’s worth sweeping you pathway, clearing any weeds you’ve pulled up as well as any litter or foliage which has fallen there. This makes a clear path for visitors and does wonders for the overall impression your front garden gives off.

Get a House Number

If you’ve already got a nice, well presented house number on your door or wall, then you’re ahead of the game. But if your number is hanging awkwardly after years of weathering or it’s simply written on in paint or chalk, then it might be worth spending a few pounds on a new one.

Get something which is in keeping with the style of your property and your home will not only stand out that little bit more, but it will be easier for viewers to locate or enquire about if they’ve spotted it by chance.

Update your Welcome Mat

It’s understandable that over time the welcome mat at your door will become a little disheveled and rough around the edges, so throw the old one out and sharpen up your doorstep with a new welcome mat.

A trim, bright looking mat will help tie all your other work together, giving potential buyers a clean impression of your home before stepping in – it also signals that your carpets inside are less likely to be tracked with mud.

Pressure Wash your Paving

If your drive or pathway is made up of slabs, bricks or tiles, they’ll no doubt have gotten a little murkier over the years due to pollution and general weathering. Whether they’ve gone green, grey or black, get the pressure washer out – or borrow one from a neighbour – and give them a good blast. You’ll soon notice the difference and so will your potential buyers.

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