4 easy and effective house transforming tricks

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4 Easy And Effective House Transforming Tricks

When you purchased your house, you probably pictured  its design differently than you have now. It’s normal to update the preferences and expectations you have from your home, considering that home designers work to develop new, efficient and trendy ideas to improve your life. 

You might already know what could use a change in your rooms, or you can be confused and wonder where to start to breathe some fresh air into your rooms in the easiest, cheapest and most efficient way. 

You’d certainly like to add some individuality and make your rooms match your personality, but you find it challenging if you’ve never redecorated a house before.

However big or small are the changes you are willing to do in your residence, read this article first to grasp four important aspects that set your room’s mood and tone.  

The Lighting In Your Rooms Make A Tremendous Difference.

Have you ever reconsidered the way you placed your light fixtures or wished the lights in your rooms were softer or brighter? If yes, it means you need a new lighting strategy. 

Home lighting impacts your well-being – brighter lighting can give a sense of energy and create stronger emotions, while dimmer lights calm you and create an intimate atmosphere.

To ensure you do this job right, contact an experienced electrician to help you with advice and installation. But if you want to be the master of your lighting plan, you must consider the three following aspects:

Flexibility. It is a paramount detail because your activities and mood differ, and flexible lights allow you to choose the power, place and tone accordingly. 

Your activities. Bright, smart lights are suitable for rooms you read or unveil intricate projects in.

The position of your house. You need to allow enough natural in because it lifts your spirits and decreases depression scores.

A cheap, effortless variant to change the light in your room would be to add table lamps and replace your curtains – have a dark, thick curtain laid over a bright, see-through one.

You Can Have An Interior Garden

Plants can be the greatest blessing in our homes. And if you’re into trends and design like the experts from elho, you can spruce up the look of your home with beautiful flower pots as well. Besides looking lovely and smelling nice, they also have health benefits. Having nature in your house, on your balcony or veranda can provide you some benefits like the following:

Improve your mood

Improve air quality

Reduce your fatigue

Lower your stress

Boost healing and pain tolerance.

If you get bored quickly and are always looking to change and switch items placed in your house, then planters on wheels are for you. They’re great for moving flowers around because some flowers can be kept outside throughout the year; others need to stay indoors when it’s cold outside. 

Plus, wheels on flower pots allow you to figure out what places help your plants thrive. These will also ease the burden of cleaning and wiping, because you’ll no longer break your back by lifting your old planters. 

Soft colours like yellow and white for your flower pots create a cosy atmosphere, while bright ones like red and purple give a stylish overall look in your room. 

It is good you buy from a place that offers a wide variety of products to ensure you find the perfect planters on wheels for your home. If the local stores’ offer is not satisfying enough, search the internet for cute flower pots – you can’t go wrong with choosing to e-shop for your flowers.

Want To See The World In New Colours? Then Don’t Be Afraid To Paint!

Room colour psychology exists and is an integral part of your daily life. Colours affect your energy levels and mood and reflect your personality and preferences. They have the power to change the size and shape of the furnishing and of the room itself.

Given colours’ importance, it can be challenging to choose the perfect ones. Before you start your painting plan, you must ask yourself and decide what mood you want to create and what colours match it. Let’s take a look at what the following colours can do for your room:

Red – it can stimulate passion, anger or power.

Orange – promotes activity and evokes excitement

Green – has a calming effect and relieves stress.

Blue – it soothes and lowers blood pressure.

White – it’s timeless and makes the room feel more spacious. 

Grey – brings comfort and is exceptionally versatile. 

Thrift Shops Abound In Lovely Items.

To find what you like, you need variety and sometimes a big budget. It doesn’t have to be like this if you buy from your local thrift shops: they offer numerous exciting and unique products at the lowest prices.

Your house is not just a place to eat and sleep – it should be your haven; help you unwind and uplift your spirit. To do this, you must resonate with it and find yourself in every little detail in your rooms.  

You know how you see objects and get mentally transported to places and people from your good memories, or start daydreaming about things that make you smile. Imagine you had more of this stuff in your home; you’d enjoy your rooms more than when you didn’t pay attention to these subtleties.

Write down things that make you happy, then go to thrift shops in your city – chances are you’ll find a lot of cheap and fabulous accessories for your home. 

For example, picking up your cup of coffee is most likely among the first things you do in the morning, while serving your tea or glass of wine should be among the last ones. A nice set of mugs on your kitchen countertops will make serving your favourite beverages more enjoyable. To find the most beautiful tableware, you need the extra variety that thrift shops and e-shops offer. 


Your sweet home deserves some redecoration from time to time, especially since little things like the ones above have such a great impact. The next time you postpone your home remodelling ideas, think of the benefits little changes bring in your house; they enhance upgrading, they help recreate space and they increase the value of your house to name a few.


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