10 ideas for updating your lounge on a budget

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10 Ideas for Updating your Lounge on a Budget

Are you keen to give your living space a new look and feel but don’t have the budget for new furniture or a complete redecoration project? If so don’t despair there are numerous ways you can update your lounge without spending a fortune. These relatively simple DIY fixes range from putting up a roll of wallpaper to painting your existing furniture and all allow you to redesign your living space on a limited budget. 

So, if you are designing a new living room and your budget is tight we have listed a few different ways you can give your living room a chic and attractive new look.

Change The Colour of Your Walls  

One of the easiest ways to update any room is to change the colour scheme. Painting is one of the easiest forms of DIY and paints are generally relatively inexpensive. Make sure you look at some home improvement magazines or online for the colours that are in vogue at the moment and get painting. 

Rearrange Existing Furniture 

Before deciding to spend money on new furniture have a rethink about what you already have. Refocusing on your layout could mean you can update your living space without spending. Things like making a piece of artwork the focal point of your room as opposed to the TV, moving around existing furniture or decluttering can often make a room feel much different. 

Shop Around Your Own Home 

Before splashing out part of your small budget on a new piece of furniture, have a look around your home. You may have a piece of furniture in another room that would enhance the look of your lounge. Also, have a look in the garage or loft to see if there are any neglected pieces of furniture you could either upcycle or just use again. 

Add Some Greenery 

Adding plants is an easy and cost-effective way to change the look of any living space. They can add colour and space for minimal cost. Don’t worry if you don’t have green fingers as there are now lots of artificial plants around that have an extremely realistic look and feel.

Create a Gallery Wall 

Gallery Walls are a trend that has stood the test of time. They are a great way to give a bland room some much-needed personality for little or no money. Use things like photographs and prints or even fabrics to turn that bare wall into a bespoke feature. 

Dress Your Windows or Doors  

Updating your window coverings is another good way to change the look of your room. Whether that is with new curtains, drapes or perfect fit blinds for french doors with an attractive design that will give any space a fresh and vibrant feel. 

Switch Your Cushions 

Cushions are the most versatile of all soft furnishings. Available in lots of different shapes sizes colours and textures, a few new cushions may be all your lounge needs to refresh it. 

Update the Lighting 

Your lighting is something that can be changed quickly and at a minimal cost. The addition of floor and table lamps can often change the mood of any space. Think about layering your lights as a way of constantly being able to match lighting to the desired mood. 

Update Your Living Room with Handy Storage 

Storage may not be the most exciting idea when it comes to designing a new living space but removing clutter can add personality and transform any space. If you have an old bookshelf or some shelving use it to update your space.  Once in situ continually change what is kept on them, add things like photos and magazines to create a focal point in the room. 

Add Some Rugs 

Tired of your existing carpet but don’t want to splash out on a new one. Why not add a few rugs mixing up different textures, patterns and colours to add some interest into space. 

While all of the ideas above may not be practical in your home hopefully at least some of the ideas we have listed will be of use to you and help you get that new look you desire.


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