When less is more – designing the interiors of your home with a contemporary style

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When Less Is More – Designing the Interiors of Your Home with a Contemporary Style

Living in this modern era where everyone seems to be running ahead and after time, it is very likely that the need for a house that can be described as spacious, clean, modern and functional is a common trend. As such, it isn’t surprising to know that more and more homeowners are opting for a contemporary interior design for their abodes.

Contemporary design is often referred to as modern design. It is achieved by combining clean lines and sleek looks, which are often highlighted on the use of simple furniture and neutral shades. A contemporary house can make you feel the modern ways of life: simple and functional yet with a taste of elegance and style.


Giving Your House a Contemporary Flair

Since a contemporary design highlights the mixture of exciting home accessories, simple and natural lines, and creative integration of colours and textures, achieving all these requires you to unleash your dramatic side.

Home accessories should reflect the lifestyle of the modern era. They are usually trendy and most are made from natural materials such as stone and wood with a touch of steel and the all-time elegant material, glass.

The architectural design, on the other hand, usually connects the interior to the exterior of the home. As such, the element of openness is necessary and the use of clear panels and simple geometric lines can help you achieve these results with the added benefit of emulating a welcoming feel.

As for the colors, it is advised to pick neutral colors or black and white tones that generally defines this style.


Everything in the world needs crucial planning, so is your contemporary interior makeover. Take some time to carefully plan the changes you want for your home. Be creative and do not be afraid to consider new ideas and trends. However, never lose the consideration of comfort and functionality.

Floors and Walls

One of the best descriptions of a contemporary home design begins with its hardwood or tiled flooring. This is then punctuated with monochrome walls with simple lines, denoting simplicity and comfort. As a rule of thumb, the floors and walls should always showcase a modest look.


Furniture that is influenced by Japanese and European culture seems to be ideal for seats and tables. They are usually made of wood with deep tones or steel frames. Contemporary furniture has fine and strong linings. They might have little or no ornamentation at all. These simple designs for furniture are accented by dramatic art pieces.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can be the best or the worst accent in a contemporary design. As such, you need to be careful in choosing the type of light sources that you will be integrating to your space.  Low-key lighting is a must for a contemporary home as it helps soften the hard edges of your furniture and it also gives an ambiance that emulates both coziness and modernity. General lighting should always be on the warm side of the spectrum and natural light should also be allowed to pass through.

Colours and Accents

It may seem dull to others but the lack of colours is vital in designing a contemporary space. A room that is painted all-white can become contemporary by placing accessories that are bold-coloured. Remember, it’s just all about mixing and matching.

Arts and Accessories

Simple art pieces are generally considered important in designing a contemporary home since they can add a flair of comfort and style to an almost bare space. Paintings and mirrors are among the best accents you can use to decorate your contemporary space.

Cutting-edge accessories are also a welcoming addition as long as you incorporate them effectively to your home. You can also opt for steel materials around your home. The key in choosing the right accessories is the ability to accentuate them with the right colours where they will draw attention and admiration.

Designing your interior house in a contemporary way doesn’t have to be too stressful. When it comes to contemporary designing, less is always more.


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