What to look for in an awesome leather chair

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What To Look For In An Awesome Leather Chair

The leather chair. What gives a better impression of success and sophistication than one of these? With a rise in traditional home interior design, we are seeing the revival of this iconic British staple.

Choosing the right leather chair for you, though, requires extensive research into what you feel most comfortable sitting on and what looks most aesthetically pleasing when placed amidst the rest of your furniture.


Quality of Leather

Just as with any other leather products we might own, the leathers used to make up chairs can differ dramatically and all should be considered before you hand over the cash. Full grain leather is the most expensive type of material which we see leather chairs made from.

The purest form of leather is chosen for its beautiful finish and texture. Take caution though; although it will be the purest form of leather you find adorning a chair, it can be prone to damage, so some extra care around children and animals will be necessary.

Some leather chairs you find on the high street will actually be made of a combination of vinyl and leather. These are understandably cheaper when compared to those made from full grain leather, but will suit people who are working with a reduced budget.

How Comfortable Is It?

The comfort test is the most important part of any leather chair purchase. Don’t be afraid to take a seat in your high streets sofa specialists’ store. Remember, that’s what they are there for! Ask yourself the question – if it doesn’t feel comfortable now, will it ever feel comfortable?

Whilst it’s true that seats can be ‘broken in’ and become more comfortable over a period of time, you shouldn’t rely on this. Feel free to test the springs and scrutinise the wooden frame, as this is probably a once in a lifetime purchase that needs your full consideration.

Style & Design

OK, so a leather chair will automatically accumulate images of grandeur and prestige, and quite rightly so. With the advancements in style and technology, though, we don’t just have to settle for traditional function.

Leather seating comes in a whole range of formats, from electric recliners to swivel chairs, and you are bound to find one that fits your preferences. One thing’s for certain though – traditional designs remain popular.

Think antique colours ranging through red, brown, green and gold. With all designs coming in at almost the same price, the consumer now has the luxury of fitting their leather chair around current tastes.

The Rest of Your Home

With any fixture around the home it’s important to remember that everything should fit together. Leather chairs will always fit within a classic traditionally designed home, but fitting such a feature into a minimalistic and modern-style home may be somewhat of a challenge.


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