Tricks & tips to finding the right sofa

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Tricks & Tips To Finding The Right Sofa

If you’re in the process of choosing new pieces of furniture for your home, specifically speaking, a sofa or luxury sofas, then there are different factors to be considered before actually making a purchase. For instance, you might be concerned with different materials i.e. cloth or leather, and which is easiest to clean.

You also might be interested in testing which types of sofas are the most durable, the size of a sofa, and very importantly, which colours or designs will match the surrounding space.

Choosing the Right Materials

How often are you going to use this sofa? Will you be eating or drinking on this piece of furniture? Will your friend or family members be sitting or sleeping on your new purchase? These might be a few questions to ask yourself before deciding on a particular sofa to buy.

For starters, if you feel as if you’ll be spending a lot of time cleaning this piece of furniture, then you will most like want to choose a material that is easy to clean and hard to stain. Leather may become your new best friend. Leather (specifically, black leather), is not only next to impossible to stain, it can also easily be wiped up and polished.

Other materials and designs available for most sofas include, but are not limited to: cloth, cotton fabrics and blends, solid tones, patterns, vinyl, and much more. Again, stay away from white if you believe the sofa will be prone to dirt and spills. Also, you might find it difficult to get stains out of busy patterns i.e. stripes, floral, etc.

Cotton is not only a durable fabric, but one that is also easy to clean. Depending on how much use your sofa is going to be getting, you may wish to steer clear of vinyl. Though nice looking and cheaper than leather, vinyl is not very durable. In fact, vinyl has been known to easily rip and tear. Silk, though soothing to sit on and look at, is known for being the hardest fabric to get clean.

The actual seating covers of the sofa aren’t the only material you should be considering. Another element is the material of the furniture legs. This, whilst only a small element can have a dramatic impact on the design and aesthetics of your sofa. It’s subtle in size but can be bold in design. Make sure it compliments the rest of the furniture in the room that way it’s easily blend in, otherwise it might stand out and be a sight for sore eyes.

Choosing the Right Colours or Patterns

As stated, sofas can come in different patterns, colours, and even sizes. As with anything you might want some supplies or assistance. Some retailers might only be able with upholstery supplies if you’re planning to DIY it, others are able to assist in different ways and might actually able to create any sofa in the fabric of your choice. This makes it easy to find the right furniture for your room, whether it’s painted white or decorated boldly or specifically i.e. red, ocean themed, etc.

Sometimes, less is more. If your room already speaks volumes with the other decorations, then you might choose a basic, plain couch instead of something busy. The opposite can be said, too: if your room is painted white or beige and needs a little extra spark, then considering finding a piece of furniture that has a little bit of design or character.

Though finding the right material and colour is important when choosing a sofa, you also need to be conscious of the room you are placing the furniture in. You want your room to blend well and be comfortable and welcoming.


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