Storage and armchairs: tips for furnishing a small space

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Storage and Armchairs: Tips for Furnishing a Small Space

With the rising cost of housing in many places and the economic downturn of the past several years, small houses and flats are more feasible to rent or purchase.

The thought of downsizing belongs can be daunting if you’re moving from a large space to a small one. Even if you’re starting fresh by purchasing furniture and décor to fit your small space, the task of creating a comfortable, open area with limited space can seem impossible.

Sometimes, however, less truly is more when it comes to setting up your house, and these tips may help you set up the best possible space with what you can afford.

Choose Smaller Furniture

It may seem obvious that smaller furniture fits better in small spaces, but it’s also important to look for pieces that have more delicate lines.

You may find an overstuffed armchair that takes up just as much space as a modern armchair with thin arms and legs, and even though the two take up just as much space, the modern armchair will give the room the appearance of having more space.

You can find a variety of options for high-quality armchairs at SofaSofa. They key is to make sure your furniture doesn’t overpower the space.

You’ll want some openness to the rooms in your home to make them feel spacious and accommodating. Let your life and activities dominate your space – not your furniture.

Use Mirrors and Light Paint

Small rooms, especially bedrooms, can benefit from large mirrors. Consider covering an entire wall with floor-to-ceiling mirrors. They especially work well in spaces that your guests will sit and face.

Though it may seem odd to position people so they’re staring at themselves, you and your guests will feel like you’re sitting in a much larger space if, visually, it appears much larger than it is.

In the same way, dark paint colours on the walls can make a room feel like a cave. Choose light colours to brighten and open the space.

Downsize Knickknacks

You may have the world’s best set of collectibles, but a small space is not the best place to display large collections.

A few key knickknacks are great to add warmth and personality to a space, but they should be used sparsely, so your room doesn’t feel like every surface is covered with something. Downsize, or switch out knickknacks periodically to keep the space fresh and welcoming.

Grace is currently looking to decorate her small space and enjoyed writing this article on how to find the best solutions to do so.


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