Six reasons to opt for a retro theme in your living area

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Six Reasons to Opt for A Retro Theme in Your Living Area

Retro styles and vintage themes have made a fantastic comeback in recent years. The best designs take advantage of all the best parts of retro, leaving out the aspects that most of us would like to forget. Picture orange linoleum, green tiled walls and carpets in the bathroom! Retro styling allows you to add colour and funk to an area in the house that can feel rather mundane. You can take design elements from bygone eras, adapt them and update them with a modern twist. Let’s take a look at some great reasons why you should opt for a retro theme in your living area.

Bring Out Your Creativity With Colour

The retro theme allows you to embrace your playful side with an eclectic range of colour combos to choose from. Whether you decide to immerse yourself in one colour with a monochromatic theme or add bright elements using decorative items and furniture, you can give the nod to retro at your comfort level. Tie-dye, paisley and chequered patterns also feature in retro themes, giving you the leeway to let your inner child run wild.

Funky and Fun Furniture

Retro furniture is very abstract, featuring comfortable, wide couches with rounded edges. Every retro furniture item seems to grab your attention in some way with bright colours, chrome and exciting design. Fuse the old with the modern and imagine yourself on your retro couch, settled in to have a flutter on NetBet or to watch the best Netflix series on your flatscreen TV, surrounded by your colourful, comfy throw cushions – could life get any better?

A Feast For The Senses

Aside from the bright colours greeting your eyes, texture is another essential element in retro design. Think shag carpets, super smooth linoleum, crushed velvet and vinyl. The opportunity to turn your living room into a tactile wonderland is an enticing option. You can be bold and go to town!


You can source vintage and retro pieces from second-hand shops and charity shops, garage sales and estate auctions. The thrill of searching through items and finding that perfect piece is exhilarating. Spending an afternoon bargain hunting with a friend is a great way to pass the time.

Environmentally Friendly

We live in a world where things are thrown out instead of fixed, and perfectly decent items are discarded simply because they’re deemed unfashionable. Rehoming an object and giving it a second lease on life is not only preserving the article itself, but in the bigger picture, it’s reducing and minimising the environmental impact of your home renovation.

Show Your Inner Self

By furnishing your home with decor items that you have handpicked and that have meaning to you, you give your visitors an insight into who you are. Your personality shining through your interior design and the items that you have connected with can make your house feel like a home. Whether you are looking to feature design elements of a retro theme or to fully immerse yourself in the bright and fanciful world of retro with a complete design change, there are many reasons why a retro style is an excellent option for your living area decor.


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