Pop culture sofas to inspire your next purchase

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Pop Culture Sofas to Inspire Your Next Purchase

Looking for some inspiration for your new sofa? Maybe you’re a pop culture fan too, assuming your sofa is pointed towards a TV that’s switched on for half the day. 

Perhaps you’re a superfan of a particular series and want to pay a subtle tribute by buying or reupholstering a sofa just like the one your favourite characters own.

Even if you’re just a casual Netflix fan, let’s take a fun look at some of the most iconic sofas seen on TV, some you can recognise even without the characters’ sitting in them. Who knows, it might give you some inspiration…

The Simpsons’ Couch

Perhaps one of the most iconic sofas in history, let alone TV history, and it’s not even real. The Simpson’s trusty yet understated brown couch has been a centrepiece in their home and their opening sequence. 

A sturdy piece of furniture, despite being only a 3-seater, the chair has (mostly) comfortably sat 2 adults and 3 kids for over 30 years. The versatile couch has also been on some of its own adventures, even growing some new sofa legs and running away from the dysfunctional family. Just one of the many “couch gags” over the years.

The Central Perk Sofa from Friends

The apartments in Friends have become iconic imagery themselves, going so far as to inspire Lego sets. There have been some classic TV moments revolving around sofas in the show, including the one where Chandler and Joey got black leather recliners, Ross and Joey falling asleep together on a couch and of course… pivot! 

But the most iconic sofa featured in Friends has to be the one from Central Perk, the bright orange couch situated in the middle of the coffee shop that the main characters somehow always manage to get – fan theories suggest that Gunther reserved it for them because he fancied Rachel. 

In fact, they were even allowed to take the Central Perk sofa out to a park and splash about in a fountain while filming the opening credits.

Another fun-fact discovered whilst writing this article; if you’re a superfan or just like the look of the Central Perk couch, simply Googling “Central Park couch” will give you a few adverts and suggestions for similar couches to buy – if you’ve got a spare £1,000 that is.

The Flintstone’s Couch

Okay so it’s made out of rocks, so it can’t be too comfy. But at least it’s firm and you don’t need to worry about damaging the fabric. Those stone sofa legs will keep it in place too.

Whilst you probably won’t be bringing a sofa made of stone into your home, you could use it as inspiration for your garden furniture, stone benches are sometimes seen in parks.

Stone (the colour) is also a very popular modern choice, with light grey fabric sofas and furniture being very on trend right now.

Seinfeld’s Couch

Following on from the suggestion of light grey fabric sofas, we have Jerry Seinfeld’s not too dissimilar light blue couch, something surprisingly modern looking for the 90’s sitcom. The bluey-grey is another easy and popular colour to find, and if you need it, it adds just a little more colour to your room than just a simple grey would.

It’s definitely more subtle than Kramer’s couch.

Maybe the secret to a successful sitcom is an iconic couch? Or at least an iconic moment with a couch – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia may take place in a bar, but maybe having Danny De Vito burst out of a black leather couch naked in the middle of a party is one of the reasons the Seinfeld-inspired series is still going after 15 seasons – making it the longest running live action comedy in history.

The Furniture in Frasier

Favoured by Eddie the dog when Frasier was out hosting his radio show at KACL. Not only is Frasier’s couch a sitcom icon, but dad Martin’s trusty recliner (that he rarely seems to leave) may be even more popular. In fact, the apartment in Frasier is as much a character as the cast themselves.

Inspiration Can Strike in the Most Unlikely Places

Décor inspiration can hit you in the most unlikely places. It could be The Big Bang Theory’s brown leather couch, with fabric throw, mis-matching pillows, and Sheldon’s infamous “spot”. It could even be the bright yellow leather Oprah sofa that Tom Cruise jumped on.

So if you’re looking for new sofa and furniture ideas, put a sitcom on.


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