More than furniture: the surprising benefits of armchairs

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More Than Furniture: The Surprising Benefits of Armchairs

Ever walk into a room and gravitate towards the large, cushioned chair instead of the sofa? You’re not alone. And it’s not a modern-day quirk, either. Thrones are the earliest iterations of our beloved plush chairs with armrests, and maybe that’s the reason why we are drawn to them. 

Or maybe it’s the myriad of benefits the one-seater has to offer? Whatever the cause, there’s no denying that it’s an ever-popular seating option and one of the most commonly purchased furniture items, right next to the sofa. So if you’re seeking a reason to splurge on a new stylish and comfortable armchair, grab a seat because there’s more than one.

Supportive of Your Mental Well-Being

High-quality and ergonomic chairs with ample cushioning are comfortable; nothing surprising about that. But do you know that this comfort goes beyond the physical dimension? There’s something therapeutic about sinking into the welcoming softness of your favourite armchair. 

As the armrests envelop you in a comforting hug, a wave of serenity washes over you, paving the way for improved mental well-being and inner peace. More than just furniture, it becomes a safe space to decompress, release worries, and let your mind truly rest. This act of self-care fosters improved mental clarity and overall happiness. 

Positive for Your Self-Esteem

From the ornate thrones of pharaohs and emperors to the luxury leather office chairs of CEOs, humans have always been drawn to seats that symbolise power. But power takes many forms, and your personal throne doesn’t have to be draped in gold or draped in leather. 

Choosing a chair that reflects your idea of power and success, whether it’s a sleek mid-century marvel or a velvet-clad vintage gem, becomes an extension of your distinctive flair. With your unique choice, you curate a space that reflects your inner world, sending a subtle but powerful message about who you are.

And this is when the magic happens. You are, quite literally, sitting comfortably in your own skin. You own this space, this comfort, and this style. Conversations flow easily, new ideas spark effortlessly, and the anxiety melts away as your self-confidence swells.

Beneficial for Your Back and Lower Limbs 

Now let’s get back to the physical dimension. High-quality chairs that offer adequate support for your back and lower limbs can contribute to improved posture and pain relief. Working long hours in the office? Enjoying reading marathons? Binge-watching TV shows? 

Buy armchairs with plush cushioning and ergonomic armrests to ensure optimal support. Opt for models with reclining features for extra comfort. Consider models with a motorised mechanism that provides a helpful lift-out if you need assistance getting up. 

With a huge choice of armchairs UK-wide, you can easily find your perfect match. Forget about following how-tos and guides on trends, and be unapologetically selfish when it comes to choosing your perfect chair; after all, it’s also your personal throne.

Great for Quick and Effective Interior Updates

Need a quick and effective interior makeover without the hassle of renovations? A strategic placement of an accent chair can do wonders for the overall look and feel of a room. Whether it’s a piece that makes a bold statement or a subtle complement to the rest of your furniture, you’re looking at an instant, refreshing transformation.

When shopping for armchairs online or in-store in the UK, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Whether you’re going for a traditional, retro, vintage or ultra-modern look, there’s something for everyone’s taste. 

A plush buttoned wingback can command attention in a neutral living room, instantly elevating the ambience with its almost regal appearance. A sleek mid-century modern option can be the perfect complement for a fireplace, adding architectural detail and a touch of quaint appeal to the overall ambience. 

Even a cosy lazyboy in a neutral or earthy tone can anchor a reading nook or entertainment area, helping you create a haven of warmth and comfort. If you want to trick the eye, plush elbow chairs in bold colours like yellow, orange, teal or violet can work wonders for making a small space feel expansive. 

And the best part is, compared to their larger cousins, sofas and loveseats, one-seaters typically cost less, making them a perfect entry point for furnishing or redecorating your home without breaking the bank. 

Incredibly Versatile and Functional 

Apart from the plush embrace and stylistic flair, this piece of furniture is a champion of versatility and function, effortlessly adapting to fit your every need. Morphing from a cosy reading nook to a lively conversation hub, a serene meditation corner to a productive home office. The options are virtually endless when it comes to placement. 

Need an escape from the digital hum? Place your favourite seat in a bedroom corner to create a haven for sweet moments of solitude. Craving connection? Position your chair across or next to your sofa to share precious moments with friends and family. Working from home? Find inspiration in the luxury comfort of your plush seat. 

Small space living? That’s not a reason to give up on comfort and style. Smaller than sofas, one-seaters can be the perfect solution, even for the most modest of apartments. You don’t have to sacrifice your entire floor plan to accommodate a sofa; instead, consider a cluster of compact elbow chairs or a set of two wingbacks to create a cosy conversation corner. Let’s not forget to mention the multifunctional, space-saving models that fold out in a flash, offering a comfy guest bed without sacrificing daytime seating. 

So don’t underestimate the multifaceted magic of armchairs, which can transform different spaces for various activities. Invest in a multifunctional piece of furniture that’s not just a pretty seat but an investment in well-being, productivity, comfort, and flexibility.

Closing Thoughts 

With that being said, you now have more reasons than one to claim that plush throne you’ve been eye-balling for so long. And if you don’t have a mental image of your perfect seat yet, it’s time to dive into online stores, vintage shops, and home emporiums and explore the endless array of options.


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