Getting the most out of your inner artist with creative home offices

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Inner Artist With Creative Home Offices

We’ve all got it in us. That little bit of creativity. It can be anything from adding a touch of flare to the everyday work you bring back from the office, to working on your graphic design business from the comfort of your own home.

Different environments inspire creativity, so if you want your home office to light that creative spark, take a look at our handy tips.


Think about the Furniture

If you’re looking to revamp your home office, you’ve probably read up on the need to de-clutter. That clutter is the antithesis to a good working environment. The arrangement and organisation of your home study furniture should look to rid this clutter from your life. It may be the case that you should look for furniture that provides intuitive ways of storing things; but some of us may work well in an environment which appears chaotic to the untrained eye.

However, what you should be thinking about is furniture which works for your individual needs. Opting for bespoke furniture in your home office you can ensure you have individually designed pieces that not only work with the space you have; but also work with you. Your equipment can be taken into account, as can your working habits. Having your home office furniture designed to all your exact specifications and working requirements could well draw that small creative spark during long hours …. Or at least facilitate it.

Think About How You Decorate

The words “home” and “office” shouldn’t necessarily go together. An office immediately brings to mind notions of a sterile corporate atmosphere, whereas a home is the exact opposite. In reality you can do away with both of these notions. Whilst your working environment can encompass touches of the two, you want to create a creative environment, individual to your own personality. Try decorating with big bold block colours and add some edgy accessories; or opt for a Zen feel. If you want to draw on your own creativity in the space, let your imagination loose when choosing the décor.

Look for Inspiration on The Walls

If you’re working at home in a creative capacity – maybe after a decision to go freelance – chances are you’ll have visited a number of creative agencies during your working life. You’ll know the walls are packed with work. Their own, or other peoples. So get your stuff up. This could be your own individual work or a piece of contemporary art you admire. Steer clear of corporate jargon messages – that’s a little off the mark. If you see an inspirational piece of your own work, it’s likely you can draw from the same reserves in your mind another time.


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