Buying furniture online?

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Buying Furniture Online?

You’ve probably bought books, clothes, bags, shoes and a lot of other things online. But if you have stopped short of buying furniture online, because you’re not sure how to go about it or if it’s a good idea, read on. We have some tips to help you buy furniture online:

  1. Check out the store if possible. If the website has a bricks and mortar store that you can visit, so much the better. Go and check out the furniture you plan to buy online – in person. You can see for yourself, the look, feel, finish, solidity, and dimensions of the item of furniture you’re thinking of buying.
  2. Read the product description properly. Look at the description properly – the color, the dimensions etc. Also check what the shipping weight will be. What is the furniture made of? Is it veneer or solid wood? If it’s wood, what wood is it – you shouldn’t be paying for solid oak and then getting particle board instead. Read user reviews for sure.
  3. Ask about return policies. If there is a problem and you have to return the furniture, who bears the shipping costs? Remember shipping for furniture will be a lot more than a pair of loafers or silk scarf.
  4. Check if they have discounts for more items. Manufacturers can sweeten the deal for you if you buy more than one item. Say you have to buy a bed, you could get a matching dresser for a lot less than the list price. So if you do need to buy several pieces, it could make sense to make a larger purchase from a single seller.
  5. Be safe online. Check the credentials of the seller. You should check that it is an https:// website that you’re making a purchase from so that your online transaction is secure. Also read buyer reviews find out more about the level of service and ease of dealing with that particular seller.
  6. Check how much assembly is required. While some items of furniture come fully assembled and ready to set up in your living room others may require considerable amount of assembly. Many items of furniture may be disassembled for ease of transportation and to reduce shipping costs. So if you’re a dab hand at DIY projects, you could buy items that require assembly; else you would be better to buy completely assembled pieces.
  7. Compare prices. It goes without saying that you should look at several online stores and compare prices. This is one of the main advantages of shopping online and you should take full advantage of it.
  8. Take advantage of sales and coupons. If you have no urgent need to buy furniture and can afford to, wait until the items that you want goes on sale. Also if you’ve bought with the site before they may offer some discounts or incentives. They could also offer discount coupons for first time customers or for recommending other buyers. You can get considerable benefits from these discounts and incentives.

Sarika Periwal has written numerous home decor articles online. We buy so many things online today – it is convenient, cost effective and offers a much wider choice. The same advantages apply to buying furniture online as well. Though one maybe a little hesitant to make such large purchases online, it can and does make sense. Check out some drop leaf tables to seat a large number of guests while saving space otherwise. Or find some table and chairs online for your dining room. 


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