Big ideas for small spaces

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Big Ideas for Small Spaces

If a small space is one of the problems you’re currently facing whilst moving into your new home or redecorating the one you live in, you’ll be happy to know that not only is it more than possible to make a tight space functional, but attractive too.


Make the Most of the Space you Have

The most important design element to remember when furnishing a small space is to use all of it. By positioning your furniture in a clever way, not only will you fit everything in, but also achieve a spacious look. De-cluttering is the key to getting this result, so get rid of any items you no longer need or use. If you don’t like the idea of throwing things away (because we all become hoarders at the best of times), then why not consider giving them away? Charities always welcome second hand goods – and you will have done a good deed too.

Functional Home Furniture

Choosing furnishings that can be used for show as well as storage is an easy way to save space in a smaller room. Popular furniture items in this case are things like ottomans as well as tables and display units that boast shelving or added drawer space. Also try to avoid choosing unnecessarily large pieces because although they may look comfortable, the last thing they’re going to provide when they’re squashed into a small room is comfort.

Look up When Downsizing

If your room is horizontally challenged, the next best thing to concentrate on is the vertical possibilities it has to offer. By exaggerating the height of your room through long hanging curtains and high shelving, you will ultimately end up with more open space on the ground level. This is not to say that you should hang everything from the ceiling, but keeping clear as much floor space as possible will give your room a larger appearance.

Choosing the Right Colour

As smaller areas are usually naturally quite dark, it’s important to choose a lighter colour scheme. Light colours and furnishings can make even the tightest of spaces look significantly larger as they will reflect off each other, and when combined with the correct use of lighting and accessories, such as mirrors, the element of space you are trying to create will be even more effective.

So when you’re next browsing through your favourite furniture store or online, keep an eye out for light furnishings in innovative and modern designs that will transform your small space into our dream home.


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