A guide to choosing a placement for a vintage grandfather clock

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A Guide To Choosing A Placement For A Vintage Grandfather Clock

The grandfather clock is an amazing blend of fine timber work and engineering, and is always the focal point of attention in any room. If you are thinking of adding a grandfather clock to your home, placement needs a lot of thought, and with that in mind, here are a few important aspects to bear in mind when looking for the best spot for your grandfather clock.


Matching Styles

Of course, there are many styles and sizes when talking about grandfather clocks and it is important to source a timepiece that looks like it belongs, and the Internet can help you with this. Simply Google image search for ‘grandfather clock styles’ and you can view many fine examples. 

When you find the ideal clock, send the image to your local antique dealer who can source such items. There are vintage grandfather clocks at, one of the UK’s leading antique dealers who has a sound reputation in the industry and has your best interests at heart.

Avoid Heavy Traffic Areas

If the clock is subjected to vibration, this is not ideal, and passing children could easily have an accident, which won’t do either child or clock any good. A grandfather clock’s face can be seen from almost every angle, so it isn’t necessary to place the clock in high traffic areas, plus there is less chance of a bump. If you have timber flooring, make sure that your intended placement has solid flooring, as any movement will be bad for the clock.

Opposite Corner

The ideal placement for a grandfather clock is one of the opposite corners as you enter the room, and this might mean a little furniture moving to work things out. The unit should never be pushed right up to a wall, rather leave at least 6 inches for good ventilation, and the clock should face the centre of the room. If you are thinking about starting a collection of grandfather clocks, there are tips you can find online.  

Behind Heavy Furniture

Of course, it is not always possible, but if you happen to have a military writing desk or chest, behind this might be the ideal placing, as the desk will act as a barrier. It is worth remembering that it is not necessary for people to stand close to the clock, which can be best admired from a little distance, and this is a form of protection.

Use Your Imagination & Creativity

You could source an online image of the type of grandfather clock you want, print and cut to see how it would look in the room in question. Or you could simply imagine the clock where you’d like it to be, and by moving furniture around, you could create the perfect space. You might need a couple of new additions – lamps or chairs – and this would be a great time to literally redesign the room around the grandfather clock.


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