Useful resources for choosing a fireplace

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Useful Resources for Choosing a Fireplace

When choosing a new fireplace, it’s important to find the right design to match your lifestyle, taste and price range, as well as the decor in your home. Whilst all of this may seem rather daunting, with the right research you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect fireplace to complement your home and budget.

If you are unsure of what to look for when searching for a new fireplace, or you don’t know where to start when researching, this article will provide a few of the most useful resources to help you choose.

Energy Efficiency Resources

In these energy-conscious times, homeowners are more mindful of the amount of energy they are using and are looking for simple ways to make their homes more energy efficient. When it comes to your fireplace, there are several ways you can improve its energy efficiency, both during operation as well as when it’s not in use.

Property experts such as Propertywide are ideal references for energy efficiency advice. According to Propertywide, there are a few easy ways of reducing heat loss from the fireplace to conserve energy and help save you money on your energy bills. For example, installing a tempered glass door will limit the amount of warm air that escapes from your home when the fireplace is not in use, so your room remains heated for longer. Not only will you experience more efficient heating, you will also see a reduction in heating costs as there is minimal fuel consumption.  

A fireplace with a heat exchange system – such as a balanced flue fire – is also recommended, as it converts cool air into warm air which is then transferred back into the room, ensuring minimal energy is wasted.

Interior Design Resources

When it comes to interior design, your choice of fireplace is mainly dependant upon whether you are searching for a traditional or modern design.

Interior design sites such as Better Homes and Gardens are great resources for looking through interior design options. Better Homes and Garden shows that hole in the wall and built-in fires are popular choices for modern homes, where a sleek, contemporary look is required.

If you are searching for a more traditional fireplace design, you may find that an inglenook style fireplace with a brick or stone interior and authentic wood beam is the most suitable option. The versatility of this style means it can be combined with a gas or electric stove for high efficiency. Houzz is a great resource for looking at fireplace options such as this inglenook fireplace design you can take inspiration from:  

From warm and welcoming, to luxurious and glossy, your choice of fireplace surround can be the perfect finishing touch in creating your desired look. Whether you choose to bring the beauty of nature into your home with a wood surround, or would rather opt for a sleek contemporary marble surround, there are plenty of options available to you.

Heating Resources

Further to creating a stylish focal point in the room, a fireplace must also cater to all of your heating needs. The heat output you require is determined by the size of your room, as this will ensure no energy is wasted trying to heat the space, as well as preventing the room from becoming overheated.

The heat output you require is determined by the size of your room, as this will ensure no energy is wasted trying to heat the space, as well as preventing the room from becoming overheated.

Consulting a fireplace buyers guide can help when considering your options in regards to heating. According to The Fireplace Studio’s buyers guide, gas fires offer a high heat output, with the capability to instantly heat an entire room using minimal energy. The efficiency of gas and electric fires means most models can be easily controlled, so you can adjust its heat output depending on your individual comfort levels.

Financial Resources

Money saving forums are a brilliant way of gauging the costs involved when buying a new fireplace, as well as learning about the experiences others in a similar position to you have had.

From deciding on a fireplace style to working out installation costs, forums such as Money Saving Expert can help you feel more informed when going to a professional. Prices can vary significantly from company to company, so it’s worth researching exactly what you need before contacting an expert to ensure there are no hidden costs.

Measurement Resources

Choosing the right size fireplace can be a rather difficult task; it needs to be big enough so it doesn’t get lost in the room, but it also mustn’t overwhelm the space.

Again, consulting a buyers guide can help. According to The Fireplace Studio’s buyers guide, when it comes to measuring for a new fireplace and choosing the right size, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Proportions of fireplace
  2. Overall size of the room
  3. Ceiling height
  4. Whether the fireplace is being fitted against a flat wall or onto a chimney breast

If you are replacing your existing fireplace with a new one of a similar size to your current surround, the most important measurements to take are the height, width and depth of the hearth.


When choosing a new fireplace, there are a plethora of resources available which can help with the selection process. Whether energy efficiency is an important factor for you, or you need help visualising which type of fireplace will fit with the style of your home, you’ll have no trouble finding the most suitable resource to help.

By refining your search in this way, you will be better equipped with information when contacting a professional, so they can find the perfect fireplace to suit your needs, taste and budget.


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