Decorating ideas for your fireplace

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Decorating Ideas for Your Fireplace

Every room has its central point, which is important for the space and helps organise the rest of it. For the living room this can be the fireplace. It is one great item, which will both give you warm nice evenings and very stylish look at the same time.

Even though the fireplace is attractive on its own, it will not be a bad idea if you made some special decorations, that will make this place real part of your home with your accents and accessories on it.


In case the classic is your thing and you like to make your interior look like this, you should go for the red bricks as the main material for decorating the fireplace. You can make a frame of it or situate them in any other way around the fire.

At the end you will surely have classic and cozy looking living room. In this case you will love your white or cream walls, as they will make great contrast with the red bricks.


Tiles are very good solution for a room that seems dull and boring. It will give distinct and add big change to the interior. You can choose from dozens of shapes and shades and pick your favorite color for this fireplace decoration.
Sometimes the space around the fireplace is very dark.

Especially when the ceiling of the room is not that high at the same time, this may create very unwelcoming atmosphere and feeling as you are entering a cave. To change this you can make the space around the fireplace lighter. You can just use paint or install bricks first and then apply the painting.

With the second option you will both have lighter space and the effect of the bricks at the same time. You can change the place around the fire easily with no painting and other activities that require time and efforts.

You can just collect special accessories or buy several new and display them in unique way above the fireplace. This will surely change the spirit of the room.

Very nice decorations are the stones. And they are easy to be installed from everyone, so it is good do-it-yourself accomplishment to the room. The color of the stone veneer will determine the atmosphere in the room.

You can find amazingly looking mantels at places you have never expected to see one. The antique stores will be one suggestion. Such mantel will give great look of time to the room.

Otherwise if you do not succeed in finding something old and antique, you can buy a new one and then distress it to give it ancient and valuable appearance, that will impress the people. The vintage look is always very stylish.


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