Add value to your home with a wood burner

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Add Value to your Home with a Wood Burner

You could effortlessly reap double benefits by simply installing a wood burning stove into your home: a noticeable reduction in your heating bill and a boost to the market value of your home. Killing two birds with one stone has to be a great idea!

Many new build properties are sadly lacking a fireplace. Underfloor heating and modern radiators certainly have their plus points but are no substitute for the charm, welcoming atmosphere and pure, unadulterated character that an open fire exudes.

As the nights are now noticeably drawing in, there is really nothing more welcoming than the cosy glow, comforting crackling and wonderful aroma of burning wood. Making money on the deal is simply the icing on the cake!

Advancing technology means there is now more choice than ever when it comes to choosing the perfect stove to complement your home.

DEFRA Approval

Many models now come with DEFRA approval, meaning that you are at liberty to burn smokeless fuels, even in London postcodes. In addition, with protecting the environment rightly becoming an increasing preoccupation amongst many of us, it is really good to know that you are ticking the carbon neutral box by heating in this way. Heating only the room you are currently using is, of course, far more cost effective than simply flicking on the central heating.

More and more people are using a stove as a real focal point in their main living space, and stoves do make a great impact from an aesthetic point of view. They are a far more accommodating option than they used to be, with curved and cylindrical models widely available to fit more awkward spaces and the ability to raise them to the desired height or mount them directly on the wall.

Style & Flexibility

A high quality stove makes a positive statement in any style or period of property. As they can now be placed more imaginatively, stoves are a more flexible beast than ever before and can be used to add a real sense of drama to a space or be used more unobtrusively. The choice is yours.

An open fire or stove is not only a practical addition to your home but also has the capacity to make a property more desirable to future buyers and more enjoyable to live in, with improved home functionality benefiting all the family.

If you wish to know more about stoves or are looking for a new fireplace, fire of fireplace accessories for your home, please visit The Fireplace Warehouse for more information.


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