Carbonated carpet cleaning

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Carbonated Carpet Cleaning

When you come to consider giving your carpets a proper clean, most people will presume steam cleaning to be the best option. After all, it avoids harsh chemicals and uses nature’s own power in the cleaning process.

Supreme Steam Cleaning?

Whilst there was a boom a few years ago in home steam cleaning, the downsides can quickly become a burden. When you steam clean you effectively pump high amounts of water into the carpet.

Whilst it does wash the surface, the high pressure of water can actually push dirt deeper down into the carpet. On top of this, this large amount of water then takes hours, if not days to completely dry out. This in itself can cause further problems as its the perfect environment in which bacteria breeds.

Carbonated Cleaning

In light of this, Chem-Dry developed an alternative means of carpet cleaning. It is fast drying, deep cleaning & doesn’t use harsh chemicals. It’s known as carbonated cleaning, and harnesses the power of bubbles to lift dirt off of the carpet pile.

The process, patented by Chem-Dry, uses the minimal amount of water meaning drying times are far faster. On average, expect dry carpets in roughly 2 hours.

Plus, the carbonated bubbles are naturally occurring, so it won’t damage or mark your carpets. Chem-Dry cleaners don’t need harsh chemicals and we don’t even need soap all of which can potentially interfere with your carpet and cause it to bleed colour or stain.

You could well find that you require your carpets cleaning less often because of our carbonated cleaning.

If all this sounds too good to be true, it is word of mouth that has enabled this innovative carpet cleaning to gain popularity. Customers who have enjoyed carpet cleaning in Nottingham, upholstery cleaning in Leicester & rug cleaning in Derby vouch for the work provided by Chem-Dry Central on the reviews page of the website.

Plus, all services are backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee. What more could you want?


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