5 reasons to choose fibre bonded carpets

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5 Reasons to Choose Fibre Bonded Carpets

When it comes to choosing a floor covering that fits into any flooring solution, you may want to consider fibre bonded carpets among the plenty covering options available. Fibre bonded carpets are designed to be used extensively across different commercial, residential, and educational settings. These carpets can come in the form of nylon, polyester, olefin, or wool. Each of these materials is flexible enough to create varieties of fascinating and creative patterns. 

Read more to know why you should consider choosing fibre bonded carpets.


Carpets produced through the fibre bonding process are popularly known to make a sturdy floor covering. It has a process of punching through the materials to inject the piles and then bonding them to a secondary backing web.  Thus, it makes the fibre bonded carpets have an extremely durable final product. 

Undoubtedly, fibre bonded sheet thickness can be guaranteed to have a long lifespan that can withstand the test of time. This is why many manufacturers offer years of guarantee. The manufacturing process gives them the tough ability to withstand heavy traffic areas, furniture dragging, and other situations that are known to wear a carpet out. Their firm backing process prevents twisting and buckling. 

Minimal Maintenance

The maintenance process of fibre bonded carpets requires little or no effort as they tend to collect less dirt. They’re well known to maintain their unique characteristics even with a simple maintenance process. You can easily get the dirt off them with a vacuum cleaner or brush. 

Always pay extra attention to the areas with heavy traffic to prevent a build-up of soil. Also, clean off spillages immediately to keep them in top condition. The carpet materials are also resistant to most stains and spillages and getting rid of them mostly requires soft bleaches. A carpet material like olefin is very difficult to stain and extremely easy to clean.

Fibre bonded carpets can also be replaced easily if there’s an issue with a particular area. The replacement may not require extra hands as you can lift them easily due to their small and flexible nature. This ensures ease of removal and installation when you decide to replace the carpet yourself.


Fibre bonded carpets are strictly versatile products with excellent adaptability features. They can adapt to different flooring environments and designs. Thus, there’s always something to fit into that small or big space. These carpets can be manufactured into any shape, design, and size that will suit every area it’s needed for. Also, its flexible nature allows room for so many creative patterns.

When it comes to installation and fitting, they’re easy to lay. You don’t have to compromise your flooring designs when using fibre bonded carpets. Also, they can be cut easily into the needed sizes and shapes even for spaces with curves and edges. These carpets aren’t stereotyped for just a particular purpose or design you may have seen somewhere. You can explore with them by combining different colours and shapes.  Thus, you can have a custom design that represents your dream floor.


Another interesting reason to invest in fibre bonded carpets is how you get to save a lot on your floor covering expenses. Being inexpensive to acquire doesn’t reduce their level of high performance in any way. You can invest in them without having to spend way out of your budget. This is because they’re very economical in every aspect of acquiring them, ranging from the installation, storage, transportation to maintenance costs.  

The installation process is very convenient, hence doesn’t cost much as they’re easy to put together. Their modular and small nature makes the storage and transportation cost extremely inexpensive to handle. With daily vacuuming, the maintenance process costs less compared to other types of floor covering.

Convenient To Install

The installation and fitting process of fibre bonded carpets requires little effort due to their flexible and modular nature. Also, the time required and the amount that gets to waste during fitting is very minimal as no major cut and alteration are required for proper installation.

Fibre bonded carpets are so convenient to install that you may decide to do it yourself. However, it’s advisable to employ the services of a professional installer to do the task for you.  This is for you to have that professional finishing touches and save time. Besides, installing it yourself may accrue more costs for you due to the installation equipment you’ll need. 


From the list mentioned above, it’s easy to see why fibre bonded carpets stand out among other types of floor coverings. They are sturdy, versatile, cost-effective, convenient installation, and require minimal maintenance. All these qualities make them excellent choices for all types of flooring areas, including, heavy traffic spaces. 


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