Why are child safety blinds important?

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Why Are Child Safety Blinds Important?

Child safety blinds are in high demand, with parents throughout the UK eager to exchange their old corded blinds for new cordless models. Blinds without accessible cords are not only completely child safe but they adhere to the very latest legislation. Keep reading to find out why are child safety blinds important.

Reduce The Risk Of Strangulation 

Traditional window blinds with cords or chains can present a real strangulation risk, especially to young children. They can become tangled whilst playing near the blinds, potentially leading to very serious injuries or even death. RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) says that around 35 children have died due to being caught in blind cords since 2001, which represents one or two each year. There are likely to be countless more injuries that people didn’t report too. 

You can reduce the risk of your children suffering injuries due to blind cords by investing in child safety blinds, which are cordless. These blinds are widely available online and on the high street from all reputable blinds suppliers. Do your research when choosing a blinds supplier – check online reviews and recommendations from past customers. 

Understanding The Dangers Of Cords On Blinds 

Corded blinds can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you have young children in your home. The cords can form loops that are big enough to fit around their necks, and because they can tighten extremely quickly, children can become entangled and unable to escape before it’s too late. The result can be strangulation and death. 

Infants and toddlers can find it particularly challenging to free themselves from blind cords. This is because they often lack the motor skills and coordination needed to escape. Their reactions may be slower too, which further increases the risk of serious injury and death. RoSPA research reveals that deaths due to blind cords are most likely to occur in very young children, with those between 16 and 36 months most at risk. More than half of those children who have died due to blind cords have been aged around 23 months. 

Blinds Cords: A Silent Deadly Killer 

Blind cords make no noise when they tighten, which means that if a child does get caught in them, there’s a chance that no one will notice right away. This makes it even more likely that the consequences will be fatal. Young children become strangled by cords within seconds and without making a sound, even when parents are nearby. What’s more is that because most injuries and deaths involving blind cords happen in bedrooms where children spend lots of time alone, it makes sense that parents may not be able to get there in time. Rather than risking the worst occurring, we strongly advise exchanging your old corded blinds for high-quality child safety blinds. 

What Are Child Safety Blinds And How Do They Work? 

Now you know why are child safety blinds important, let’s take a closer look at how they work. Child safety blinds are made without cords, eliminating the risk of children getting entangled in them and suffering injuries as a result. They incorporate various mechanisms to allow them to open and close without the need for dangerous cords. For example, many use wands instead; you can turn or twist these wands to change the position of the blinds. Some come with a spring-loaded system that requires you to push upwards on the bottom rail in order to raise the blinds. You would pull downwards on the rail to lower them. 

Some blinds still use cords, however, tensioners are often used to keep the cords taut, making them difficult to reach for children. Tensioners help to prevent loops forming that children could potentially caught in. Breakaway devices can also make corded blinds safer. They are designed to ‘snap away’ if excess force is applied, ensuring that the cord will separate should a child get entangled. You can find out everything you need to know about blind safety devices online.

Adhere To The Latest Safety Legislation

Corded blinds without safety mechanisms are no longer allowed to be manufactured in the UK. In 2014, the government published legislation setting the safety standards for internal blinds, stating that they must now be made without any accessible cords. The specific law concerning this is the European Standard EN 13120. Corded blinds must have safety devices such as tensioners or breakaway components installed to ensure they’re safe for children. 

In 2009, the British Blind and Shutter Association (the BBSA)’s “Make It Safe” campaign began to increase awareness for safer blinds and the importance of cord safety. The campaign encourages the use of cordless blinds or corded blinds with incorporated safety features.

Buying Child Safety Blinds For Your Home  

You can no longer buy corded blinds in the UK unless they incorporate devices such as tensioners or breakaway components. With this in mind, if your existing blinds have reached the end of their useful life, you’ll need to start searching for child safety blinds. These blinds are widely available from all reputable suppliers, ensuring that you’ll have plenty of choice. Child safety blinds come in various styles, designs, colours and fabrics, making them ideal for all rooms within the home.

We recommend buying your new blinds from a company that offers a free fitting service. This will ensure that they fit your windows perfectly, offering a flawless finish. A professional installation service will also make sure that they’re safe and unlikely to cause any harm to young children.  

If you’re looking for high-quality child safety blinds in Nottingham, look no further than Boyd’s Blinds in Nottingham.


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